Isn't She Perfect?

This a Zayn Malik FanFic- Delihla and Zayn have been married for about three months, when Delihla get's pregnant. She goes through many mis-carriages until small Kamren is born. But then something goes wrong and Delilah gets sick and passes away. Zayn is left to raise little baby girl Kamren all by himself.


1. Kamren

Sitting in the corner of the room, waiting until she woke up. She looked so peaceful, laying in her hospital bed a little clear crib from the nursery sitting next to her.

I stood, walking over to the perfect little girl laying in the crib and looked over the side. Her hands laying above her perfect head. She has the same dark hair as me, almost jet black. She took a deep breath turning her head the other way.

"Isn't she perfect?" An uneven voice whispered. 

I looked over to see Delihla her brown hair flowing around her head on the pillow. I smiled down at the baby one more time before moving closer to the bed and kissing her. "Ya, she looks just like you." I whispered sitting on the side of the bed. 

She laughed getting into a sitting position. "She has your same hair colour though." She smiled. "Why don't you hold her?" She suggested. 

Moving uncomfortably I got up and pick her up holding her close to me. Her head turned and pressed into my chest. Just as I sat down in the chair by the bed, there was knock at the door. I looked up just as Louis and Eleanor walk in. 

"Hey," Louis waved holding tightly to a small boy with shaggy brown hair. "Is this my niece!" He squeaked a little walking over to me, telling the little boy to sit down in the chair on the far side of the room. 

The little warm body in my arms wiggled a little scrunching her face up as if she were going to cry. I got up and lightly bounced her in my arms. "Sh," I whispered and something popped into my head. "Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she perfect no more then one minuet old." I sang softly and as if on cue there was another knock on the door. 

"Who knew from love wed make one as beautiful as she. Isn't she lovely made from love." It was Harry. He walked up to us waving to the little little boy in the corner. "So how much did she weigh?" Harry asked looking at the little bundle in my arms.

"Six pounds, nine ounces." I whispered noticing Delihla had fallen asleep again. 

"Wow, that's small." He observed me as I just looked at her. 

"No," I answered. "She's perfect." I felt like I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was so small, black hair, lightly tanned skin, and hopefully grey eyes like Delihla. 

"What's her name?" It was Jace in the corner his shaggy brown hair in his face.

I smiled at him and looked down at the small black hair girl. "Kamren." 

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