jane and one direction

when Jane's mother dies in a car accident she finds herself swept away to London to meet her "godparents" whom she never knew she had.she never knew much about her mother's past , except that she fled the UK to live with her only daughter in the US. Now Jane finds herself in a new environment completely, will she too find it to be too much and flee like her mother did or will she find the 1 thing that makes it worth it all?


1. the call that changed my life...

when I first got the call I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I dropped phone,called a cab, and got to the hospital as soon as I could.I ran to the front desk and told her i was here for my mother amelia peters and that I needed to know how she was doing.she told me she would check what room my mother was in,she said my mom was in Room 102b and that she was in critical care. somewhere in between me asking where my mother was and being taken to her room by a nurse I felt wet tears sting my eyes. When we got to the room I was greeted by a doctor who had a solemn look across his face. He spoke but to me everything was blurred except the words "I'm so sorry,your mom's not going to make it".somehow I managed the words "can I see her?" out of my mouth.he said "yes of course".I walked into the room and saw a pale women, she looked like my mom, except that she had blood stain on her forehead and bruises down her arms.I stayed with her all night, crying, I wouldn't leave her side, I talked to her told her about how much I need her and that no matter how many times we fought I never meant the things I said.whether or not my mom would ever remember those last words I said to her, it comforted me to know that she would at least, maybe ,somehow, know how much I love her and how much she helped me become the person I am today.because I was 17 years old and still not a legal adult I needed a caretaker or guardian.what my mother neglected to tell me when she was alive was that she h
ad arranged for me to the live with some close friends of hers from the past in the event that she ever passed away.so i found myself on a flight to London one cold morning,with the little things I couldn't bear to part. with from our tiny apartment. I was afraid, what would these people be like? Would they be nice? Would I like them? And the biggest question that I had was how do I get rid of this big hole in my heart where my mom used to be?

the next morning I woke up on the plane and realized it was in all a bad dream. When we landed it took forever to get checked out and get my baggage, but finally I had all my things and went to the terminal.when I got there i saw a man in what seemed to be a drivers uniform holding a sign with my name written across it. So apparently the family I was staying with had money.I came up to him and introduced myself as Jane, he was pleased to meet me and promptly took my bags and told me to follow him to the limo.I Thought for a moment that I might have been in the wrong place, but apparently I wasn't, when I got in the limo he introduced himself as charles and spoke with a light accent. He told me about the family i was living with. "You may find that this life style will be very diffrent from the one you have been accustomed to, but I hope you will like your stay here with us, there is me, sophie the maid, angie your mum's dear old friend, her husband dave, and harry her son, and gemma her oldest child, but she is away for college and won't be back for a while" I took all this in as we drove up to a huge mansion, I heard Charles say "welcome to your new home miss jane". I got out of the car and saw a huge mansion that must of had at least 50 rooms, and just as I got out I had noticed a figure come out and go around the car to get my bags. Charles said"miss jane there is someone I'd like you to meet although you very well may know him, haha this Is harry angie'son". I turned from the house wondering why on earth charles thought I might already know angie's son harry when I realized, trying to get a better glism of him from behind the car, that he vaguely resembled a face i'd know anywhere. He set my bags down and came out from the shadow of the trunk and said , extending his hand for me to shake "hi I'm harry styles ". I vaguely remember shaking hands with harry and then I remember seeing his face above mine asking if I was ok and then I blacked out but came back to when he was carrying me up some stairs and then I blacked out again...smooth jane real smooth
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