The Kiss in the Rain

A girl named Madison just graduates with her best friend Emily and go out to have some fun, but when some guy starts to bother them they decide to leave but of course it's raining. But in the rain will they meet the 5 most important people in their lives, One Direction.


5. Wanting them

Maddies POV

"Hurry up, we are going to be late for lunch with ONE DIRECTION!!!" Emily screamed in my ear. "Ok let me take a shower, get dressed, blow dry my hair, put my make up on, and watch my news first, then we can go." I said sarcasmly. She gave a moan and a slight push and then left my room. Finally some more sleep. I woke back up to a beep, it was my iPhone. Niall texted me saying lets meet at Burger King in 30 minutes. I was so thrilled I got up and rushed. "We are going to be late!" I screamed hoping Emily would hear me from the living room. I got no answer so I went up to her room and she wasn't there. I looked everywhere but she was nowhere. We were going to be late! "Shit" I screamed and tried calling her. It rang over and over again as I was getting super sweaty. How could she - I was interrupted when she answered the phone. "THANK THE LORD YOU ANSERED WHERE ARE YOU!" I screamed into my phone. "Cool down im at Burger King with the guys where are you?" "Where am I! Where am I! Im at the fucking house looking for you!!!" I said as my tone got louder. She hung up on me what a bitch. I went into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face to cool down when I look at my self and my make up was everywhere. I rushed and tried to fix it and finally I had success for once. I got im my car and was off to meet Emily and the guys. It took me about 20 min to get there but I was there. I walked in and they were all finished eating and waiting for me. I thought to myself as I waved and got into the line could this day get any worse? I was looking at the menu when I saw everything was burgers and nothing else. I mumbled "shit". I was a vegetarian.  

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