The Kiss in the Rain

A girl named Madison just graduates with her best friend Emily and go out to have some fun, but when some guy starts to bother them they decide to leave but of course it's raining. But in the rain will they meet the 5 most important people in their lives, One Direction.


4. The dream

Emilys POV
I was really confused? 1. I woke up in Harrys bed NAKAD! 2. Maddie's having sex with Niall on their coach! What else. Harry ran downstairs already dressed and said "who wants McDonald's" everyone said "I do." I was to tired to care so I told him what i wanted and went with it. I went up to Maddie and asked her how we got here and she said "what you talking about we live here you and Harry are married and me and Niall are engaged and I'm pregnant" I was so shocked and confused I plopped on the couch and remember Niall and Maddie just had sex so I got up I went to the kitchen I sat down at the dining table still confused because. I was determined to find out what just happened. I looked at my ring harry must have gave me when he proposed. I must have got caught up because i heard Harry walk through the door. I walked to him and got my mcdonalds and he stroke my cheek and kissed me. "How am i this lucky to have a girl like you" Harry said as I blushed. Maybe i could live with this. We all walked to the coach and sat to watch the news. I was really grossed out but tried to cover it. As i sat down there was no room so I sat on the Harrys lap and felt really confutable. He put his hand on my hip and we all started eating it was SOO good but i was to tired to enjoy it so i pushed it down my throat and went up to my room. Harry came up and laid next to me and put his arm around me and cuddled me . I loved this feeling and never wanted to leave. I then realized i loved Harry! I feel asleep and woke up to my regular life. It was all just a dream. But i wish it was more i wish i was there now. All i could think about was harry and needed to see him.
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