The Kiss in the Rain

A girl named Madison just graduates with her best friend Emily and go out to have some fun, but when some guy starts to bother them they decide to leave but of course it's raining. But in the rain will they meet the 5 most important people in their lives, One Direction.


1. Some Fun

Madison's POV
"Emily hurry up! We need to get to the club!" I said with an exciting tone. "Im ready" Emily says in an annoyed but happy voice. We hop in the car and start to go, and when we get there it starts sprinkling little rain drops. We ran in the club and heard our 2nd favorite song by Justin Beiber but no one can beat One Direction. We jump on the floor and start to dance until these cute but creepy guys come over. They put their hands on our waist and expected us to grind on them but instead we went to the other side of the dance floor but they kept following us. We decided to leave. We walked out and this time it was raining hard so we put put our cardigans over our heads and head to the car. Emily put her hand in her purse and couldn't find the keys and we both noticed the keys were still in the car. We both decided to get a cab and get the car tomorrow when it has stopped raining. We walked to the main road and noticed there was no cars on the road. "Emily what time is it" I screamed trying to be louder than the rain. Emily looks at her phone and looks at me. She shows me the time and i scream "WHAT ITS 2:32". We then start to walk to our apartment. In the shadows of the rain we see 5 guys. They all said "Hello" in a similar voice, like One Direction.
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