The Kiss in the Rain

A girl named Madison just graduates with her best friend Emily and go out to have some fun, but when some guy starts to bother them they decide to leave but of course it's raining. But in the rain will they meet the 5 most important people in their lives, One Direction.


2. Meeting them

Harrys POV
"Finally we can go out four dinner and not get spotted" I said. "But Im tired" Niall said half asleep. We walked out of McDonalds and saw that it was raining, Louie said "I knew we should have took the limo, But Liam said its nice to walk." "What it was warm before!" Liam said. We started walking back when we see these two girls walking in tight dresses and high heels, I never understood how girls could do that. We all said hello but they looked confused. We walked towards them and I thought they were really cute. "Whats your name" Zayn said. One of the girls said "Im Emily and this is my friend Madison." She had to say her friend's name cause she was frozen. We asked where they were headed and they were heading in the same direction, we decided to walk with them. I walked over to Niall who was obviously checking Maddie out. I said "Emily is really cute and from what I have seen she seems really nice. I think i like her." Niall said "I like Maddie she seems really funny." We exchanged numbers and said we should all hand out tomorrow at lunch and they agreed. I couldn't wait to see Emily again! And i could tell Niall wanted to see Maddie again too. They seemed nice.
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