The Kiss in the Rain

A girl named Madison just graduates with her best friend Emily and go out to have some fun, but when some guy starts to bother them they decide to leave but of course it's raining. But in the rain will they meet the 5 most important people in their lives, One Direction.


3. Love at first sight

Emilys POV
We got back to our apartment with huge smiles across our faces. We unlocked the door and went straight to the coach. I pulled of my heels and massaged my feet slipping out a sigh of relief. Maddie came in screaming her head out chanting "I met 1D." I didn't really care they were just normal boys who were pretty cute i have to admit. Maddie came up to me and whispered into my ear "Harry was tots checkin you out." "Ya right, but i saw Niall checking you out." She screamed jumping up and down wanting to do the happy dance with me but i was half asleep. We decided to go to bed I feel asleep right went my head hit the pillow. I had a strange dream that night I woke up in Harry's bed totally naked he was cuddling me and was playing with my hair. I looked at the clock and it was 12 o'clock already he got a kiss me and put his boxers on I was so terrified I didn't know where I was. I looked around and I didn't recognize the room. I got up put on a road and went down stairs, all I saw was Madison on top of Niall having sex on the couch. I gasped and she said "hey Emily what's up"and I said "Where are we" and she said "At Harrys house". I was so lost I didn't know how I got there I didn't know where Harry lived and the only Harry i knew was in one direction but it didn't make sense how did I meet one direction Oh ya last night but we just met them last night.

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