Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



29. Video


I found my laptop in my bedside table, second draw. It was underneath a pile of papers, music sheets, failure songs that I wrote that never made it out of my bedroom but I still kept them. I read through a couple but I was more Interested in the laptop. I carefully slid it out onto my lap, for some reason my hands were shaking. Memories, right here and it would be a lot of them but it was if the laptop was magnetic , I needed to look at it. 

I opened it and turned it on, the screen lit up white then loaded for a while and finally the home screen appeared. God it was a picture of Liam, Niall and I, arms around each other beaming. I stared at it hard, drinking up every little part of my best friends faces, from Niall's braces to Liam's moles. Then I had to close me eyes and bite my lip to stop myself from letting out a sob and when the world had stopped spinning and I was ready I opened them again and continued looking, I could look at them for days. Then I had a idea a very dangerous idea, I decided to go into iPhoto.

I was overwhelmed as I scrolled through the hundreds of photos of me and my four best friends. There was plenty taken on Photo Booth, some at award shows or quirky places from my phone and others were from photo shoots. As I gazed at a photo of me and Louis hugging i discovered the tears that were dripping onto the key-board, there was a lot. I hadn't even noticed I was crying, I was to mesmerized by the photos. It was a slow process, each one taking me 5 or more minutes to fully sink in, just to look at there faces made me sob. As I scrolled I got myself more and more worked up, each photo brought back memories and each one seemed to open up another wound in my heart that I thought was healed but it was a drug I could not stop. I so wished that Charlie would come in and stop me, that she would rip the computer from my grip and smash it against the wall then hold me so tight that I couldn't breathe but she was out on a run. 

I tried to so hard to control me shaking and breathing, I hugged my legs tight into my chest and flicked to another photo, Zayn had his arm around me, we both had silly glasses on and smiles plastered across our faces. I reached out and touched the screen somehow hoping that it might be real. I closed my eyes and put my head in my hands, I was close to screaming. 

I opened my eyes and scrolled to the next photo except it wasn't a photo it was a video. I press play, its at a concert, the fans screams are so loud it is unbelievable, the camera focused on us standing on stage, we were all sipping water from bottles, I started to speak, 

"Okay, the next song we are going to sing for you was written by a good friend of our who some of you my know", the screams grew louder, "hes a British man, with ginger hair, his name is Edward Sheeran and this is moments" the crowd is in uproar when Liam starts to sing and I start to cry harder. Then Charlie came in the room but she didn't take the computer away she just sat on the bed with me and held me close to her and she watched it with me. We both cried but we also laughed and then we cried a lot more and then when the video was over Charlie closed the laptop and sat it on the ground. 

We lay down, holding each other, eyes closed.

"That was beautiful" Charlie whispered 

but all i could do was nod. 

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