Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



30. This song


Being with Harry was a struggle, lord knows but I still loved every second of it. I just loved him. His eyes, his hair, his smile, dimples, laugh, the way he held me. Everything. I was completely head over heals in love but this love story of ours was not your average, hah not even close but in a way it was still perfect to me and I wouldn't change a thing, because it was so raw and so real just like the tears we cried each day. It was defiantly a struggle. 

I got out of the shower and toweled myself off on the bath mat. I examined my naked body in the mirror. Small futures, blue eyes and no hair but it would start to grow back soon, I couldn't wait. I wrapped the towel around me and walked out into the bedroom to get changed. Harry was out getting groceries , I hope he could handle it. I go into the closet me and Harry share and choose leather high-waisted shorts and a flowly shirt that I tucked in, god just because i was bald didn't mean I couldn't dress fashionably. I then kinda ruined the outfit by throwing Harrys nike jumper over the top but it was cold out and I was at home. I made my way back into the bathroom and touched up on some make up then walked back out into the bedroom. 

I opened Harrys bedside table looking for some paper to write on, I needed to make a list of things we needed for the house. I opened the top draw and found some deodorant, a alarm clock, some pens and a condom ooh la la. I closed it and opened the second draw, there was paper inside but as I looked through it all I discovered that it had all been written on. It looked like sheets of music, songs scribbled down onto paper, Harrys originals. I shuffled through a few but then one caught my eye, the title of it was Moments (a/n now bare with me and lest just pretend that this wasn't written buy Ed xx) I started to read the lyrics over, 

Shut the door, turn the light off

I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love 

I wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this 

even though I try. 

         I felt my heart beating in my chest and my breath catch in my throat.

heart beats harder, time escapes me 

trembling hands touch skin

it makes this harder

and the tears stream down my face.

         Oh Harry, my Harry. I grip the paper in my hands so tight i fear it might rip,

If we could only have this life for one more day

If me could only turn back time....

I cant see the words anymore because my vision is blurred with tears. The words on the paper are so full of hurt and anguish I can almost hear his voice, weak and horse singing them out. This song was not meant to be sung as a band, this song was meant for Harry to sing alone. This song is pain on a piece of paper, pain because a boy that was once strong and so full of love and life was left alone in the dark and this was the result, this song. This song was also so beautiful and soft that it made my heart seem to melt with warmth but as it melt there was this horrible feeling that it would never reshape itself. 

You know Ill be your life

your voice

your reason to be my love

my heart its breathing for this moment in time

ill find the words to say

before you leave me today...


This song..


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