Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



25. that boy


I wake up and turn over to face Harry, his face is calm and his breathing soft. I lean in closer and place my lips on his. His eyes flutter open wearily, then he closes them again and kisses me back, he moans against my lips "I want you Charlie" his morning voice might just be the sexiest thing I have ever heard but I dont know if it was that or our naked bodies pressed together that made me tremble inside with longing, longing for more of what we did last night. I have never felt anything like it before, I move my head and bite Harrys ear, he lifts me up and kisses my tummy and slowly move his lips down to my sex. I have to bight my tongue to stop myself from crying out. Harry pulls away slowly, making me moan for more, he smiles. Harry loved having that power over me, it was just a thing about him. He jumped out of bed and ran through the cold crisp air to get a condom, he rolled it on and got back into bed, pulling the covers over both of us. He put himself inside of me, slowly and carefully but getting faster and faster with each breath we gasped I gripped his back tightly, he moaned "Charlie" I laughed, who had the power now "what Harry?" I teased, watching his squirm with pleasure "mmm" he bit his lip and pressed me tighter to him. "i love you" he growld just before he came, how romantic. He pulled out and we both ran to the bathroom to clean up. Harry turned on the shower and let it heat up and steam before we got in, we stood under the powerful jets of water with our bodies pressed tightly together. Then something happened that i never thought would, we both started crying, yeah there was water on our faces but we knew. So there we stood, bodies pressed together, my head in his shoulder, his arms around me and we cried like there was no tomorrow. It was just soft silent crying because that was who we were, we cried because we were so, so fuckng broken inside but it made me feel 10 times better. Harry finally turned of the shower and handed me a towel, we walked back into the bed room, the cold air like a smack to the face. Harry jumped back into bed but I went through his draws to find some clothes, a pair of boxers and a large knitted jumper would do. "Aww" Harry wined when I climbed back in with him, with the clothes on. I laughed "no more sex for you Mr Styles" I said leaning into him and he hugged me tight, it wouldn't have worked after our little sob session in the shower. Harry was smiling at me widly, "Whatt"? I said lightly hitting him on the arm

"Your just so perfect, I cant believe your mine" he beamed
"Oh so im your now hay?" I asked cheekily
"Yup" he said proudly holding me closer , "and i am never going to let you go" he closed his eyes and nuzzled his head into my shoulder.
"i would like that" I whispered to him, "I love you"

"I love you too Charlie" he said. I shut my eyes and slowly drifted off into a dreamless peaceful sleep.
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