Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



28. Thanks


Dear Lads 



For letting her survive, for letting me survive  because If she hadn't them I would be joining u guys up in heaven real soon, Party time! sorry. I am happy now boys, yeah there is still a hole in my heart a huge one but Charlie is slowly filling it, slowly i am getting better. Guess what? Me and Charlie did it, you know the bit IT. Were you guys watching from heaven? I hope you wernt because that is perverted, and gross but haha I can still see you doing it. I really love her boys, I love her a lot. 

I miss you guys more than anything In the world, Our song came up on the radio the other day but Charlie shut it off before I could listen to it...or drive the car off a cliff. Theres still pictures on the fridge in my house, beautiful, beautiful picture of you boys but to me all the memories of us being One Direction is a blur and I don't know why. I try so hard to remember everything but its to much for me to handle and I cant, thats the truth, its alway just to much for me.  

I want you to know that I will get on with my life, weather or not you want me to. sorry. You guys left alot of shit at my house before you died, thanks. Niall you left one of you guitars, you know the one with the irish flags on it?, oh and you left a cap. Liam you left you "mr sexy" shades. Zayn you left your jacket and some after shave, the one you really like. Louis, oh Louis you left you jean jacket, its sitting at the end of my bed right now, it smells like you. Fuck now I am crying, I was so happy and now I am crying. God I miss you guys...

I really need to take a shower but I would rather right to you. Me and Charlie moved in together, we live at my house. I had to pack al you stuff into my closet but I still take it out all the time, just to touch it and smell it, its the closest I have left to you guys. maybe I should go to your houses and take some stuff. Charlie wants to get a cat, i think thats a good idea. 

Charlie's coming 

I am still crying 

and shaking 

talk later

I love you 




***a/n: sorry for the short chapter xx 

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