Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



16. tears



Love doesn't come easy for me you see. Maybe i am to broken to love anymore, maybe I gave all my love to the lads and they left with it the took my love. I tried so, so bloody hard to love Charlie and Im sure I do but its just every time I feel compassion I feel

this aching in my heart. I need to love Charlie because she is all I have.

I walk down down the white halls of the hospital, in my skinny black jeans and a hoody, I should have left about a week ago. I mean I am still really sore but I can do everything on my own now but I guess I am still here as a mental patient seeing as I cry all the time and also I am the one and only "Harry Styles" even though I feel like a nobody I stick with being Harry for Charlie's sake because thats what she calls me. 

i walk up to Charlie's door and knock softly, no answer. I slowly open the door and poke my curls inside. I let out a sigh when i see Charlie lying on her be fast asleep. I open the door more and step inside, her room it littered with teddy bears and cards from her friends and family unlike me my cards are all from strangers except for my mum, dad and sister.I sit down in the squeaky chair next to her bed and imeaditily take her hand without even thinking and let go of it briefly then grab it again, intertwining our fingers and stroking my thumb over the back of hers. I watch her chest rise and fall slowly, her facial expression is incredibly weary, dark bags under her eyes. I so want to climb into bed with her but I feel as though it wouldn't be fair on her. so there I sit watching her breath, stroking her hand and thinking about my life. 

Can you see me boys? CAN YOU SEE ME?!! A wave of anger washes over me suddenly and I have to resist the urge to stand up and run and scream. CAN YOU SEE ME?!! CAN YOU SEE ME CRY? I wanted to yell, WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU LEAVE ME?!  

I find myself speaking out loud, my whole body shaking "I ....I......I..hate you...." I stare at Charlie more, her  beautiful features. Tears begin to pour from my eyes 

"Im...sorry boys"

"Im sorry Charlie" I whisper 




***************** sorry for the short chapter guys i am so tired but felt like I should write something xxx - Harryismyprince aka Harper xoxox

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