Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



13. Real


I peel my eyes open to find Harrys face pressed to mine, he was breathing slowly and calmly, he looked so handsome. I notice that Harry frowns in his sleep, that he looks so incredibly sad, so broken... but that was going to change I was determined to fix him. After my treatment yesterday and seeing so many nurses frowning faces because I had cancer was horrible, so when I felt a little bit better I shuffled into Harrys room and lay down with him just because I need to. I so here we were holding each other tightly, two broken determined to fix each other, two people who found each other because of two bad, unhappy things that happened. I looked at his face carefully, tracing his features with my eyes, looking at every detail, it was all so perfect except for the fact it was riddled with sadness but when he did smile, showing he dimples he radiated happiness. 

Of course I knew who he was, I wasn't stupid. I never tried to concern myself with boy bands but I had nothing against One Direction. Of course I knew what Harry had been through, I knew that his four best friends had died, I knew that he had jumped off that bridge and I could hear him when he woke up and pleaded with the doctors to kill him, how he pleaded to let him see his friends... how he said he should of died. He didn't die though because we were meant to find each other, i just knew it.

I tried to shift in the bed, to get up. Moving my leg from Harrys I hit him in the thigh and he woke up and groaned loudly. I turned to him and stroked his forehead giving him a "omg im so sorry" look, his face relaxed a bit. Then he lifted his hand up, shakily and touched to tip of my nose making me giggle. 

"You are real" he whispered, smiling. I grab his hand and hold it up to my heart so he can feel it beat

"yup" I cant think of anything else to say, I am to caught up in his green eyes and the little-kid expression he had on his face, I wanted to gaze at it forever. 

he continues " I just had to make sure, Charlie I cant loose you, your the only happy thing in my life"  a tear falls from his eye but I let It drop because I am to memorized that I cant think. Instead I find a tear dripping from my eye too. 

"you wont Harry" I whisper but I feel like I'm lying to him, like I am promising something thats not real because I had cancer that was the truth and although I was determined to survive there was still this shadow in the back of my mind constantly telling me that I might not make it. 

Harry takes my face in his big, strong hands and looks at me long and hard before placing is lips on mine, passion shoots through me and I grip his waist to steady myself as we kiss harder, our lips fit together perfectly. Harry moves his hands down my face to my neck. we kiss longer, with tongue then Harry pulls away slowly. He smiles at me and we lay back down on the bed, hand in had his arm around me and we gaze up at the ceiling but I cant push away the feeling i have in the pit of my stomach because of the way Harry looked when he pulled away, even though he tried to smile he couldn't mask the empty, horrible sadness I saw in his green eyes. 

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