Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



17. Please



Charlie got sicker. much, much, much sicker and I go sadder, much,much, much sadder. thoughts of suicide flooded back into my mind but I always push them away because Charlie promised that we would make it, together. It killed me inside to see her lying in bed, pale face looking so sick. It made me hurt so much. I stayed in her room with her most of the day, most of the time she was to sickly to speak and somtimes she didn't even notice me but I didn't mind, as long as I could squeeze her hand and she would squeeze back those moments were the best in my life for now, the ones I held onto, the ones I loved. I started up this thing where I would sing to her, lots of different songs and even some One Direction, just to see her weak smile was all I need to keep me happy for the day, just to know that she was hanging on. 

Some days were better than others, like today. Charlie sits up in bed and we are playing Uno together, she is beating me 6-2 wins and Its ridiculous. She gives me a mischievous smile I know I am done for again and of course she slaps down a pick up four then a red 6 leaving her with no more cards in her hands. 

"Fucck" I yell, throwing my cards across the room and she starts to laugh,

"I win again" she giggles at me "how many times.." I shut her up by placing my lips on hers and she steadly kisses back, as I link my arms around her waist, she leans back on the bed and wraps her legs around my waist, hoisting her further up my body, so she can wrap her arms around my neck. 

I move my hands over her body up to her face and take it in my hands, I kiss her forehead, top of her head and then her nose, I look into her stunning blue eyes that look so, so tired. She gazes back at me, tears forming, I use my thumb and wipe them away but she cries harder, sobbing now. I let her go and she falls into my chest and I hold her tight to me, each of her sobs that echo around the room seem to stab me in the heart, I rub her back and try to calm her down but she has really worked herself up. so I lift her up so she looks me in the eyes again and tries to hold the tears in. 

"You are going to make it Charlie" I say and she she start to sputter something at me but I continue "You are going to make it okay?" 

she shakes her head and my heart sinks 

"Charlie, you promised me" I whisper 

she stares at me for a while, emotions flicking across her face and in the end she smiles weakly then nods. I take her in my arms again and we lie back down on the bed, her tears still flowing. I just pray that they will stop, please god, please let her survive. 


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