Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



19. no


"Charlie didn't make it" the doctor looks up at me with a grim look in his eyes. 

"w..w...what"? I stutter at him, I feel as though my chest is closing up, like my heart just exploded. I cant breathe, everything I see moves in slow motion. 

"Charlie didn't make it" The doctor slurs at me placing his hand on my shoulder but I feel numb, I shake it off and continue to stand there, the doctor no longer in my conscious but his words ring in my ears long after he is finished saying them ..

Charlie didn't make it .. 






I take off down the hospital hallway, heading for her room. Tears flow from my eyes but my face is to numb to feel them cooly dripping down my cheeks. I round the corner and come to Charlie's doorway. Fuck . I stand there. She lies in her bed, still, pale like a china doll. So pretty, beautiful, peaceful so.... dead. A lady with a short brown bob and glasses sits next to Charlie, squeezes her hand but Charlie doest hold back, her hand is limp. I think its her mum, I have seen her around. She looks up at me, tears in her eyes, she whispers my name and the says something else ...

Im so sorry. 

How does she know me? Charlie must of said something, Charlie. On god. I feel like I might throw up it is really all to much. She was my new everything, how did this happen?! Why me, oh god, oh god..

why did this all happen to me?!! 



I snap awake, tears rolling down my cheeks, I breath heavily into my pillow to drown out the sobs rising from my throat. Nightmare, shit. I get up from bed, sobs still racking my body and walk down to Charlie's room, she is lying jn her bed, still and for a moment I am back in my nightmare staring at her dead body but I make myself stare at her rising and falling chest through my tears, she is alive. I walk over to her bed and crawl in next to her, and wrap my arms around her small, skinny body. My crying softening a bit, she turns over and hugs me back telling me to shhh, I cant shake the thought of her dying out of my mind and in that scary, scary moment I never wanted to let her go. 

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