Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



35. Mum



Today me and Harry decided to take a drive to see Harrys mum in Holmes Chapel, he hadn't seen his mum in a while and wanted to surprise her today by arriving tonight without telling her he was coming. He also demanded that I had to meet his mum saying that we were the two most important women in his life and that we had to meet! Not that I minded at all I loved the idea of meeting his mum. So we packed our bags and stocked up on junk food then piled into his car with blankets surrounding me and potato chips in my hands. 

We sped down the high way, the radio blaring and us singing as loud as we bloody could.. Yeah we did get a few ugly stares but whatever, the sun was shining, the air was crisp, we were happy and head over heels in love. Harry turned the radio when Thrift Shop came on, we both started to bob up and down in sync but It didn't last long before we cracked up laughing,   Harry giggling I swear was one of the cutest things in the world . I sang my hardest to Heart Attack by Demi Lovato and Harry couldn't stop laughing while I twerked in my seat like an idiot to Cant Hold Us by Macklemore. Harry finally caught his breath, his face red and looked at me his eyes shinning from laughing so hard, a huge grin spread across his face then flicked his gaze back to the road like the good driver he was. I had never, ever seen him so happy, it made my heart melt to see that pure, genuine smile that showed his dimples, the smile I had seen on his face on the picture on the fridge, when he was standing with his arms around his four best mates. I had always thought I would never see it again, that it was only a smile that happened when those boys were around but obviously I was wrong, Yay. 

It started to get late and we stopped off at a Macdonalds to grab some food before continuing on, we wanted to get there before Harrys mum went to bed. So on we powered into the night and I started to get really tired. The radio had slowly been turned down so now it was only a faint buzz, it was quite comforting actually. I wrapped myself up in all the blankets, my hand on Harrys leg and his hand on top of mine I slowly started to drift off to sleep, my eyelids getting really heavily and i wasn't really aware that my head started to bob up and down as i drifted slowly off to sleep.

"We are almost there Char" Harry whispered to my giving my hand a squeeze but my eyes were already shut and I drifted off into a dreamless sleep. 


Charlie fell asleep when we were literally 5 minutes away from my house so when I pulled up into the driveway she was sound asleep, I scooped her up bridal style and carried her up to the front door then knocked, I had a kept in my pocket but of course I couldn't reach it and it might scare mum if I just walked right in there. So I knocked and in a couple of seconds mum answered the door. She was holding a book in her hands and had her reading glasses on when she saw me she dropped the book on the floor and almost screamed, if it wasn't for sleeping beauty in my arms she probably would have. I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek then took Charlie upstairs and into my room then lay her down on my bed. It was so weird being back in my own home after all that I have been through in the last year but it felt really warm and comforting, I missed it. I tucked Char in then kissed her on the top on the head before making my way back down stairs where my mum was waiting patiently with her arms open wide, ready for a cuddle. I walked over and took her in my arms but it was different from hugging Charlie, this time I was the one being hugged not giving the hug, i was the little Harry that missed his mum so, so much. Mum took my face in her hands and drank it in, 

"Oh Harry, Harry" she whispered to me tears forming in her eyes, seeing your mum cry is the worse thing in the world

"Mum don't cry" I beg and she starts to rub her tears away,

"your right Harry, god knows you have had enough of that" she says frowning at me, my face still being held in her hands "I am so, so sorry Harry, god I am so, so sorry" she shakes her head, "this is all such a mess" 

I am lost for words, I was just the little boy again "I miss them" was all I could manage to say, mum shook her head again, more tears forming in her eyes

"i miss them too" she whispered choking back a sob. I moved in closer to her and wrapped my arms around her, "I am so dam sorry all of this happened Harry" she rubbed my back

"me too" was all I could say, I was to caught in the moment, I didn't realize till now how much I had missed my mum. 


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