Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



20. Morning


I opened my eyes to find a snoring Harry next to me, our legs intwined and his slender arms hooked around my waist hugging me closer into his body . What even happened last night?! Harry came into my room at three in the morning in a complete state, I don't think i have ever seen him that upset before even in the dark I could see the tears in his red puffy eyes. The sound of his sobbing that kept me from sleeping long into the night was the worst though, it sounded like a dying animal, so sad that I felt like I couldn't do anything for him but rub his back and tell him to shh. I wonder what made him that worked up? Probably the boys, it was always the boys that made him cry, all the time. everyday. Poor Harry. I wont ask him about it today, i have learnt my lesson, Poor, poor Harry. Everything is so fucked up at the moment, every, single, fucking, thing. I turn over and get up from bed carful not to wake sleeping beauty and head into the small bathroom attached to my room. I do my business then wash my hands  and find myself gazing at my reflection in the mirror, a angry look on my face. I stare at my features, loathing hair, I had no hair. Fuck cancer. Tears begin to stream down my cheeks and I grip the sink for support, feeling sick. This was my 3rd and final year of chemo. I was depressed because i had just managed to grow my hair back when I met Harry but then It started falling out again, he never seemed to care or notice though. He never said anything, or looked at me differently, I loved him.  

i start to cry harder, my arms shake and my legs feel like jelly. The door opens and i feel two strong arms wrap around me and lift me off the ground slightly, I cry into his shirt, breathing in the smell of him. I realized then that it was us against the world, as long as we held each other when we were down, in tears or being torn apart we would be okay, we would make it. 

Harry rubs my mack soothingly, his chin resting on my head. I get my tears under control, closing my eyes and feel his hand on my back. He pulls away and takes me my the shoulders. 

"Do you have any chemo today"? He asks 

"No" I sniffle, trying to figure out why he asked that, he never ask about it because I hate to talk about it. 

"Can I take you out"? He smiles, wiping another tear on my cheek away

I smile too, my insides leaping, when was the last time Harry left the hospital? I went home last week but not for long, Harry shouldn't be left alone but now he wants to leave and take me out!! 

"Yes" I say and peck him on the lips. 

"Okay then" He beams at me, his dimples showing, i swear those little holes in his cheeks were the cutest things in the world "Get ready and we can go"  he starts to leave the room then stops and turns back to me " Oh and Charlie don't you dare think for a second that you are ugly" then he leaves without saying another word. I swallow hard and turn to face my reflection again, no. I get ready, putting on some jeans, a red tee-shirt and my black bandanna. I walk out of my room to find Harry waiting in the hallway gazing at his shoes, he is wearing black skinny jeans and a jacket with wool in the hood, cute. He hears me coming and looks up 

"you look beautiful" he say offering his arm out to me and I take it and we walk down the white hospital corridor and the first time in weeks Harry leaves the hospital. 

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