Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



24. Memories


Walking through the house was like turning back time, every object, every little thing brought back some kind of memory with the boys. It all made me want to kick and scream like a little kid, it made me want to jump off that stupid bridge all over again but it made me want to laugh and sing because as I picked up those objects and when all those memories came rushing back they all made me think of the blast we had being One Direction. 


I go into the kitchen, a pair of aviator sun glasses poke out from behind the toaster. Liam wore those all the time in the summer, he bought them over in L.A, we all knew how chuffed he was with himself for finding a pair of sun glasses that made him look so "sexy" but hah he just ended up leaving them at my place. I pick them up and twirl the thin arms in my fingers, a picture of Liam wearing them forming in my mind, the tears coming down. hah. 

Charlie grips my arm tightly, it is the only thing that keeps me in reality, that keeps me from slipping of into some kind of dream filled with the haunting, wonderful memories of my past. Those memories that made me want to kill myself, those memories that were sewn into my being, into my heart, those memories were all I had left. 

I walk further into the kitchen, over to the fridge. shit. Picture are scattered all over it, sticking with magnets. One of me and Louis, his arm over my shoulder, in the other he holds a cocktail, with his finger pointing up at me, huge smile on our faces. That was at his new years party. Tears. Another sits lopsided next to it, A picture of me and Liam jumping off the boat in Australia, we are shouting and laughing. I can still almost hear Liam's laugh ring in my ears. A picture of me, Zayn and Niall sits just a bit under those two. We are all dressed in tight fitting suits, our hair perfectly plastered up in quiffs on our heads, well mine was somewhat like a quiff. We stand with our arms around each other, cheeky grins on our faces, this was taken just before we were about to go to the Brits. 

I sigh and look at all the other photos, each one making me sob harder, smile and laugh. Charlie looks at them too, her eyes flittering from one to the other, tears form in her eyes then slowly make their way down her cheeks, she looks up at me, 

"they are beautiful Harry" she whispers

I nod then turn back to the photos, I could stand here all day and look at them forever but I know that I should look through the rest of the house. I turn and walk away, taking Charlie with me. We walk down the Hallway and I turn into the bathroom. A Chicago Bulls snapback lies on the floor, Niall's. I bend down to pick it up, Niall must have left it from the last time he was over, I think he had been wearing it. Niall loved his snapbacks, I would always steal them and wear them around the house because i felt cool but hey they were never my thing, I just stuck to beanies. Niall with his blonde hair and blue eyes made the fans crazy when he wore them. 

I laugh a little imagining Niall acting all cool in his snapbacks. Charlie, takes it out of my hand and sits it on the top on my head, my hair pushing over my eyes, tears falling. I look around the room for any more of the boys things, some of Zayns favorite after-shave sits in the cupboard amongst my toiletries, he used to keep it there in case he needed to freshen up at my house. 

I stumble out of the bathroom and into my room, taking the hat off and placing it on my bed. I turn in a full circle looking around the room but find nothing and In the end it is all to much for me, It seems like all the stuff I had come across was just a blur in my mind. I lie down on the bed and bring Charlie with me, she rolls over and wraps her arms and legs around me. We lie like that until my tears stop flowing and I stop sobbing. I turn to Charlie and kiss her neck, she gasps and holds me tighter to her body, I move my mouth over to hers, tongues slide in and we grip each other like we could never part. Before I knew it clothes were off and we were doing it, but it wasn't just sex with another girl,it was Charlie and we were making love. 



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