Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



3. Life

People say that before you die your life flashes before your eyes, that you see every second of your life, just like a movie right before you fade away, it all comes back only for it to be stripped away as fast as it came and for you to be plunged back into darkness....into nothing. 

As Harry fell, the cold crisp winters air rushed up into face and into his eyes, drying the endless supply of tears that seemed to fall continuously onto his red cheeks. Harry watched hopelessly as his body smacked into the freezing cold water like a rag doll, incredible pain rushed over his body like all his bones had shattered into one million pieces. He screamed out, only for his lungs to be filled with the icy cold water. He slowly sank to the bottom to the river, looking at the light above him as pain cascaded through his body and his mind drifting away Harry slowly faded into blackness.....



Baby Harry 










The boys








Then that day... that day that changed everything...... 


BEEEEPPPPPP Harry woke up to the sound of his alarm clock blaring, turning over in his bed he blindly reached out to smack the place where the horrible noise was coming from but had no luck hitting the clock.

"fuck" he opened his eyes to see that the alarm clock was only inches from his hand the time read 6:00, he slapped it down hard on the top and the beeping stopped. Turning back over, he sighed and closed his eyes again but he was careful not to go back to sleep. The white hotel sheets underneath hime felt so warm and conforming and already Harry could feel the cool winters breeze on his bare feet that were sticking out the end of his bed. If he listened hard enough he could just hear Niall singing in the shower in the room next to his. Harry opened his eyes and staggered out of bed and into the on-suite bathroom, standing in front on the mirror, rubbing his eyes he got a better look at himself.  His hair was sticking out in odd places, dark bags had formed under his eyes, oh and he had no clothes on. Harry got into the shower, the hot water streaming over his body was one of his favorite feelings in the world, along with feeling of lights on his face while performing to a crowd of thousands as they screamed his name , Harry had to say that feeling topped his list. After washing his hair and body he got out and went to get dressed. Changing into his Ramones tee-shirt and a pair of skinny black jeans, he briefly checked his twitter before walking out into the main living room him and in four best friends shared in the hotel they were currently in. Liam was sitting on the couch with his mac-book on his lap, scrolling through his twitter feed, He looked up Harry and smiled

"Morning sleepy head" 

"Hey I got up when my alarm went off geez" Harry protested before walking over to the small kitchen bench where Niall was sitting, also on his laptop. 

"Heard you singing in the shower this morning"  he said, laughing before sitting do on the bar stool next to him and digging into some Macdonalds that was sitting on the bench in front of him, Niall barley looking up from the screen in front of him.  Just as he was taking a bite of a hash brown Louis sat next to him reaching over for a egg mac-muffin and taking a bite. 

"Your coming into town with us today aye? He asked Harry through a mouthful of egg and sausage 

Harry shifted in his seat uncomfortably and Niall looked up at him an annoyed look in his eyes then said 

"Not coming are ya Harry" 

"Ummm, Nick invited me over and I said yes" He looked down at his half eaten breakfast, he could feel everyones eyes on him  "hes having a party, you guys could come if you want" 

Zayn speaks from the doorway "no Harry we don't want to come, why cant you just come with us?!!" he sounded just as mad as Niall. 

"I promised Nick i would go" he look helplessly up at them, Liam was looking up from the couch now, disappointment spread across his face, 

"Whatever Harry" Louis got up and went to his room, followed by Niall. I looked up at Zayn for support but he turned to Liam "come on Liam we have to go soon" Then they both got up and went to their rooms leaving me to sulk at the bench. 

he sad and ate the rest of my breakfast alone even though he felt slightly sick after having an argument with the boys. A little while later they came back out of their rooms dressed for a day out. 

"You sure you don't want to come"? Liam asked 

"nah" he said looking up at the rest of the boy

None of them looked happy. 

They all grabbed their keys and phones then left without saying another word to Harry, leaving him feeling sad. 

But then the call was Paul. He stuttered and spluttered into the phone, despartly trying to tell Harry the news while keeping calm 

"Harry..... the boys their car  ...... it spun on the ice and....and it crashed........" He voice then cracked "I have to tell you that they didn't make it out"

 Then the tears came ..... 

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