Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



9. join them..




I jolt awake, light flooding into my eyes making me moan in pain, my head felt like a balloon fit to burst but my body, oh god my body it felt as if every bone in it was broken. Wait.... I look around the room before me; white walls, ugly plain furniture, machines... I follow one of the cords and find it hooked up to my arm. fuck i am in the hospital, no, no...nonononono! I try to shout out something but it only comes out as a whisper, my whole body aching as I move my mouth. 

A doctor comes in 

"Ahh Mr Styles, your awake, i shall be back in a second to run some tests" 

"wait" I croak, trying to lift my hand, pain, unbelievable pain rushes over me. the doctor stops 


"I...I.. I should be dead" he frowns " I need to be dead...please...please" I look at him, sad eyes "please, I need to be dead...why arnt I dead"? I splutter at him, my speech slurred, tears flowing from my eyes "My friends I...I need to be with them...please sir" 

he looks at me sadly "Im sorry Mr Styles but when you jumped off the bridge and hit the water you broke almost half the bones in you body, if a fisherman hadn't of seen you and called a chopper you would have died... that just the way it is"

"no"! I try to raise my voice but have no luck "I need to be with them!!...I cant take it any longer" I try to thrash around in my bed but my body is too weak to obey "please... please..." I beg but he leaves the room. 

I gaze around, my vision blurred by pain and tears. my mind running in rewind... I thought about the past few weeks, the tears coming faster and then the sobbing. A nurse rushes in holding a needle, I suddenly feel a pain in my arm followed by a bliss...but still even as I drift away I beg, beg that I can just die ....

die and join my friends 

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