Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



21. Invincible


We walk out of the hospital, arm in arm, smiles on our faces, in love and feeling like no bad feelings could stop us. We were a army of two people, best friends, lovers, together we were invincible.
Harrys car was parked around the back, a black Range Rover, his mum had brought it over thinking he might be leaving sooner than he did. Harry opened the door for me 

"Tank you Styles" I said before he shut the door and came round to the drivers side, he had a spring in his step, he looked ....happy but not like he was only happy on the outside but he was happy on the inside too you. I opened the door and slid inside the car, leaning over and kissing me softly, tilting his head to the side. I swear to god our lips fit each others like a glove, it was amazing. He turned back to face the wheel and started up the car. 


" Are you good with driving?" I asked slightly worried but he smiled at me like i was stupid, boys 


"yes, I am capable to drive a car, just because I have been stuck in a hospital for a little while" his smile drops quickly and so does the hope in my heart for a second but I quickly regain it when it flicks on the radio and starts to sing along, i join in. We sing like angles, well he does and we even try a few dance moves, I soon have Harry in stitches from me showing off my crazy skill, he's not to bad either.  We jam out to Thrift shop, Harry starts to twerk in his seat and laugh so had I spit out the Starbucks we stopped for across the dashboard he cracks up too and looks a me quickly before flicking his eyes back to the road. Then the song changes....... the voice of the radio host fills the car and the mood turns to ice 

"next up we have a One Direction song, I know that this might be a bit soon for all you fans out there because of the deaths of four of the members bu.." I had been frozen until then but I quickly switched it off before he could say more, I should of shut it off the second I heard the name. Harry sat ridged in his seat, back hunched over, his hands gripping the wheel so sight i thought it could snap off at any moment. I place my hand on this thigh and rub my thumb back and forth, his hand loosen there grip and his breathing slows. All I could think off then and there was, god i am so, so fucking sorry. I am sorry god, what did Harry do? What did I do? Sorry 



We just want to be happy. 


No I was determined for this day to be good. I turn to Harry 

"hey" i get him to look at me, his eyes were amazing "hey" I repeat and Harry pulls the car over to the side of the road 


"hey" he croaks at me smiling, drinking in my face "wow.." he whispers 




"You" he says then take my face in my hands and kisses my neck "you make everything better Charlie" he nibbles on my ear "you make me so happy" he moves to my lips and kisses me hard with tongue and I kiss him back just as passionately, he whispers against my mouth pressing my forehead to his " Charlie you are my everything, I love you so, so much" He opens his eyes that are so close to mine and looks at me tears falling now but they are tears of joy, tears to celebrate the fact that we are together, that we were invincable. 

"I love you too" I say beaming 

We were invincable. 

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