Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



8. I love you too

i Lie down on my bed, head in hands, vision blurred with tears. sobs rack my body but I don't scream or bang my head tonight. I decided to sing, not that It really sounded like singing, more like a dying animal but anyway it still made me feel a tiny bit better, like a match had been lit at the very, very bottom of the hole in my heart.  I decided to sing a One Direction song, I dont know why because i sure made me a lot sadder too. Maybe it was because I just needed to be reminded of our music in some way or maybe because I thought i might sooth me a bit. Well I ended up screeching out "Over Again", my voice was so horse that most of the song only came out in choppy whispers. I shifted in my bed, and closed my eyes, tears flowing freely. I slowly feel asleep.. and a dream came. 


Me and the boys sit on the edge of the stage, our legs swinging over the side like little boys. I have my arms around Liam and Zayn. We all look out to the huge stadium we sit in. I still found it unbelievable how huge this place was, we all did. 

"we did good boys" Niall says swinging his legs extra high, looking around the stadium 

"yeah we did" Liam sighs, smiling at us

We should really get back to rehearsals but this moment seems too perfect. 

"Just think how far we have gotten" Louis grins

"Its unbelievable" I say 

I turn to Zayn, hes looking out at the stadium a look of pure happiness on his face 

"I love you guys" He shouts out to the empty seats, spreading his arms wide

I lean my head on his shoulder, a tear falling from my eye 

"I love you guys too" 

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