Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



10. Her

I wander around the hospital aimlessly, in my wheel chair of course, both my legs were fractured in the fall. I wear my hospital gown because even though my mum brought my other clothes I don't think I can wear them, I am so broken I can barley move. Just turning my head takes up a lot of strength. I wheel myself around the huge hospital because I really have nothing better to go or nothing better to see , except for these empty white walls and my tears. But even know where ever I look I still see the boys or hear them.. the other day in the kids ward the played "What Makes You Beautiful" on the radio, I tried to block my ears but somehow I needed to hear it, It was still a part of them, a part whey had left behind.. just like me. 

I should of died when I jumped off that bridge, I should of fucking died because without them I was nothing, a useless body with no heart inside. I was sadder then ever, mum was really upset and worried. 

So there I was rolling down the halls of the hospital, tears streaming down my cheeks when I saw her.  Standing over in the corner of the hallway, she had a hospital gown on, blonde hair tied up in a messy bun and the most striking blue eyes... they reminded me of Niall's.  I noticed that i had stopped wheeling and was gazing at her, tears still falling from my eyes. She looks up at me and I hastily wipe them away, I gaze back into her eyes, transfixed by how much they looked like Niall's I always thought that I would never see anything like them again, I was wrong. She smiles at me and I try to smile back but it doesn't come , i think I have forgotten how to smile. I nod and begin to wheel along to the doorway to my room, i am just about to go inside

"wait" she says and I turn my chair to face her, god she was beautiful. 

"yeah" I whisper to her, she smiles again and I try but I just couldn't I had too much sadness inside of me. 

"I smiled at you and you didn't smile back, that was rude"  she smirks at me, I don't think she really knows how broken I am inside. I wipe my face again, more tears fall. 

"I cant smile, sorry" I decide to be blunt, I cant be anything else with my feelings. 

"Why"? she asks 

"im too sad" 

She looks at the ground suddenly, then flicks her gaze back up to me again but with some tears in her eyes. 

"no please don't cry" the words are out of my mouth as soon as I thought them. She smile again and wipes her tears away 

"Im sorry your sad...."  she trys to find a name 


"Harry" she repeats

"Im Charlie" she says. Its a perfect name. 

"your beautiful" I say before wheeling into my room and shutting the door, I stare at the ugly, empty and find myself suddenly smiling.... 

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