Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



33. Her eyes


Her eyes were the bluest of blues, so pure and innocent you could almost fall into them like falling into a pool of water, i would look at her and just get lost in her eyes like I could be talking and stop because I was so mesmerized in her eyes it was insane. 

"Harry, Haarryyy" Charlie was clicking her fingers in front of my face and I snapped back into reality.

"Whaa?" I mumbled 

"God, your impossible " she laughed at me taking my hand. We were sitting on the couch at home watching Finding Nemo, "I asked you a question silly" she giggled 

"haha yes my love" I said snuggling up to her 

"can you pretty pretty please get me a coke from the fridge" she said batting her eye lashes at me,

"dont do that" I said smiling at her

"dont do what?" she said still batting her eyes lashes more, "oh don't do this" 

"yesh" I moaned resisting the urge to get lost in her eyes again then quickly getting up and running away like a idiot, from the lounge I can hear Charlie laughing. I smile to myself and grab a coke from the fridge and then get myself a beer, I mean why not! then as I am leaving I stop to look at the photos on the fridge again, scanning each one and smile because they are so beautiful and then a few catch my eye and me me smile even more. they had been added recently in one I had my arm around a girl she was wearing a bandanna and had the bluest eyes ever, I was kissing her cheek and she had her eyes shut a cute smile across her face. I walk back to the lounge and give Charlie the coke then sit back down. She leans in to me and rests her head on my chest, the way she always does. 

"whats up?" she asks rubbing my leg

"the sky" I say and she laughs

"anything else?" 

"heaven.." my voice trails off and the room seems to drop a few degrees in tempreture    

"is there really?" she whispers to me, her voice quivering 

"yes" I reply, my voice horse

"because when I was in the hospital really sick and i would see the doctors frown at me because i had cancer and when I thought to myself Charlie you are going to die I would cry and cry and get myself so worked up it would hurt me more. Then I would lie there and think about heaven and how great it would be and all the amazing things it would have" My breath catches in my throat and i feel the aching pain that seemed to return far to often,

"I know there is a heaven" I swallow hard

"how"? she whispers to me, her voice cracking like glass

"because...because...because" but no matter how hard I try I cant think of a reason but Charlie said one for me

"because you know the boys went somewhere, or you pray they did so it must of been heaven because they were great people" she says rubbing my leg, bring my heart back into my chest, it had been beating far to fast. 

"They deserved to go to heaven" I say smiling, thinking of all the wonderful things they did for me and others around them " the did go to heaven, god I hope so" a tear falls from my eye but Charlie wipes it away before it can roll down my cheek. i look up at her, she was do dam beautiful, "I miss them so much Charlie" I say

"I know" she smiles sadly "you talk in your sleep sometimes" 

"I know"

"I am so sorry Harry"

"so am I" 

"I love you"

"I love you too"

She leans ove and this time takes my face in her hands, she kisses it all over, running her lips over mine, passion surges through me and I grip her hips tighter leaning back on the coach, she keeps going with out a breath then inserts tongue, I follow. God I loved her. She held me closer than came up for air, still holding my face so that I was forced to look into her eyes...

those eyes..

her eyes...



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