Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



27. Good news


I open my eyes and squint to see the clock beside me, Harry rolls over and smacks my head with his arm, snoring a bit, oww. I focus on the numbers 12:30 pm, my mind is trying to tell me something about that time but what? I desperately try to think and then it hits me, I had what was supposed to be my last doctors check up about my leukemia, I was going to find out if it was gone or not! I leap out of bed faster than you can say "shit im late"! and ran into the bathroom I tie a bandanna messily around my head then sprint back into the bedroom where Harry is sitting up in bed rubbing his eyes a confused look on his face. 

"Wha"? he asks, his morning voice making me tremble. I grab a jacket from his closest and wrap it around myself covering up my bare legs and the boxer that cover me up down below. I grab Harrys car keys from the bedside table and throwing them at him, "Harry I have a really important doctors appointment that I cant miss in 10 minutes, put some clothes on, I don't care even if you have no shirt on but some pants please" I shout winking at him. He stares at me still confused "HARRY" i shout again, he clambers out of bed and pulls on some track pants and a jumper, he flips his hair twice grabs his keys and we are out the door. As we climb into the car Harry looks back at the house, sadness in his eyes.

I grab his arm, "Harry we are coming back okay"? he nods and starts up the car. Once we are away on the way to the hospital Harry widens his eyes and looks at me smiling, 

"What just happened"? he yawned 

"I woke up ad saw the time then remembered that I had my most important doctors appointment ever"

"Why is that" he asks

"Because last week I had my last dose of Chemo, the doctor is going to tell me if the cancer is gone or not" I smile at him, I really couldn't contain my excitement. Imagine all the things I could do!! Cancer took away 3 years of my life, 3 years that i was never going to get back but then yeah at the back of my mind there was that little voice saying "what if you don't  make it Charlie, what if its still there" I had to push that thought back though because I was going to make it. 

Harry turns on the radio but neither of us felt like singing, I looked over at Harry and he was griping the wheel tightly, looking straight ahead.

I rubbed his arm "hey babes its me who should be nervous, not you", he  glances at me seriously,

"I know Charlie It just means a lot to me too" he smiles and squeezes my hand "you mean a lot to me" 

We sit in silence for the rest of the ride, pulling into the hospital car park at 12:50. 

"Ahhhh" I yelled, 10 minutes late. We jumped out of the car, slamming the doors and running towards the Hospital. The wind was brutal against my bare skin and the ice on the road made it hard to run but we made it. Half dressed both looking like messes we spun round the corners of the white-walled hospital we both grew to know so well. We came to the assigned room for the appointment just in time to see my mum leaving the room, the doctor showing her out. 

Oh god the look on her face was priceless, she gasped at the sight of me and Harry panting from the running, me in his boxers and him holding my hand. Gosh it was a sight, wish I had of had my camera. She knew about me and Harry but I still think it surprised her. 

"Charlie...Harry"? she managed to say "Your so late dear" she said taking my arm and leading me into the room.

"wait outside" I whispered to Harry then turning back to mum, "ahh yeah, we were doing stuff" I rubbed my arm awkwardly. She looked at the boxers and tee-shirt I was wearing "I can see that Char" she tutted. 

We sat down in the squeaky chairs, the doctor looking rather annoyed. Then he started rambling on about my progress and shit like that, I had to interrupt "Umm can you just say is it gone or not"? I ask rudely

"Charlie" my mum warned, taking my arm but then looking at the doctor for a answer. He look back and forth between us then down at his notes again, ahh I wanted to scream! He looked back up at us

"its gone" he said smiling

"wait what" I shouted jumping out of my seat

"Its gone, your cancer is gone Charlie" 

"YES" I couldn't help but yell, my mum looked taken abak but she beamed at me and hugged me tight 

"oh im so proud of you" she cried into my shoulder but I had to pull away

"hold on mum" I said kissing her on the cheek before running out into the hall. Harry was leaning against the wall but I think he had already heard me yell because he ran at me and scooped me up in his arms spinning me round and round. I had never felt him hold me that tight, I almost could't breathe but I didn't care I was to happy. Tears streamed from my eyes, Harry set me down and held my face in his hands, wiping the tears off my face. Then he kissed me with such strength that I gasped then kissed back twice as hard. 

"I am so proud of you" he gasped at me, pulling away and holding me again. 

I smiled and cried into his top, I had never been so happy

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