Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



5. Dream

and in the end Harry was left with nothing, nothing but tears, hurt and a aching pain in his heart that his friends used to fill. Harry didn't sing, not that he could anyway. Harry could barley talk, his voice was raw from all the screaming he did because sometimes the pain would be too much and the only thing that could stop himself from thinking about his friends was screaming a the top of his lungs for minutes on end, or banging his head against the wall until he collapsed on his bed and passed out. 

Passing out defiantly made things better. It seemed like even when he was asleep the boys death haunted him..... 

** Dream*** 

I look over at the rest of the boys, they are spread out around the tour bus, Niall's on his phone, Liam's on his laptop and Zayn and Louis are chatting to each other about something. 

I was bored

"Hey Niall" I shout across the room and he looks up from his screen slowly 

"mmmmm Haz?" 

I throw a grape straight at him and it his him on the nose making him make a funny face. 

"Owwww" he whines then grabs a grape from his bowl and throws it at me twice as hard, it smacks me in the chest as splatters all over my shirt!! 

"you little shit"!!! I scream and grab a huge handful of grapes and pelt them at him, he screams like a girl. One of them bounces off his head and hit Liam straight between the eyes. Looking straight up from his laptop he eyes me and Niall then grabs a banana from the bowl and flings it at Niall, hitting him in the crotch. He doubles over in pain and falls to the floor. Me and the rest of the boys fall over laughing. 

"Nice shot Liam!" Zayn giggles as he flings a plum at louis, it hits him square in the chest and splatters dark purple juices up into his face. by now i have tears rolling down my face from laughing too hard. Louis looks at Zayn and we know he means business. 

"YOUR GONNA GET IT"! he war-cries as he tackles zayn to the ground making the bus rock, we get a shout from the driver and all look up a each other with a cheeky smiles on our faces then continue to fight. Niall Jumps on top of Zayn and Louis 

"doggy pile!!!!" 

Me and Liam join them, making Zyan who was at the bottom groan. We all continue to laugh our heads off.....

*** dream ends*** 


to many fucking tears

and memories.... 

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