Harry ran and ran until he came to a bridge, the bridge that would change his life...
If we could only turn back time stop the tape and rewind..
then harry joined his brothers



38. day

 I woke up to a empty bed and suddenly got that scary feeling in your gut when your forget that you are at another persons house and you have a minnie freakout. If I listened hard enough I could hear Harry and his mum talking down stairs. I still hadn't met his mum yet because like the dick head I am I fell asleep in the car. I got up out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom, took of my clothes and had a shower. I washed my hair! yes i washed my hair, it was now a short bob and in my opinion looked pretty bad but it was still hair I guess.  I got out of the shower and changed into a black tee shirt and some sweat pants before making my way closer to Harry and his mum Anne. I felt like I would be intruding on the Styles family reunion and I had this little feeling like i just wanted to run away. But Harry caught me fluttering around the top of the stairs and held out his arms for me to fold myself into like I usually did. I made my way down the stairs with a look of calmness even though inside me there was a swarm of butterflies in my stomach. Harry could read me like a book, I could tell he could by the look in his eye but he just gave me a smile as he wraped his arms around me.

"Mum this is my girlfriend Charlie" Harry said. Huh he used the word girlfriend, it was unfamiliar to me we just always knew we loved each other so we never used boyfriend and girlfriend because our relationship was much more then that but it felt nice for a change to be called it. 

"It is very nice to meet you Charlie, Harry has told me all about you" Anne hugged me tight and it was very nice, I had missed my mum too. I hugged her her back but I still couldn't push away the thought that Harry had told her all about me. Well of course he did we were together but there was so much about me that was so broken and shitty and side, did Harry tell her those things? I lifted my head and a sweet, yummy smell floated up my nose 

"mmm that smells good" I spoke so quietly that it almost came out as a squeak and Harry had to squeeze my waist to get me to speak up. 

"I made us pancakes" Anne said smiling at me, she had such a nice smile so warm and comforting.


We sat down and ate some pancakes then went out and did some shopping. When we got home it was late, 11:30 and Anne was already in bed, we we got inside Harry scooped my up bridle style and carried me over to the coach where he laid me dow carefully. Before slowly holding my face in his hands and pushing me down so he could lay on top of me. He ran his hands down my shoulders, taking my tee-shirt sleeves down too my elbows and he continued to softly trail his fingers down my back, making me shiver and him smile, god I loved that smile. He moves his hands to my pants and unzip them then slowly slide them off. I leaned my head back and looked at the ceiling, biting my lip. I felt Harry take off my knickers and I closed my eyes letting him do the rest. I never thought for one second, I was to happy. 



I roll over and go to wrap my arm around Charlie but it fell straight onto the couch. I sit up quickly and look around, Mum was in the kitchen and winked at me. God. I get up and walk over to her, she hugs me tight but I pull away "Hey mum sorry but do you know where Charlie is?"


"thanks" I say and kiss her on the cheek before making my way upstairs , I stop suddenly when I hear crying from my bathroom, shit. I walk up to the door "Charlie come out please, whats wrong?" Silence fill the air and I suddenly forget to breath, the door creaks open and Charlie stands there tears in her eyes and I know that something was wrong and I prayed so, so hard that her cancer wasn't back. I had know Idea that what she was about to tell me would change my life, make everything better, make me so happy. I and wished so hard that the boy were there to see it. Charlie whispered

"Harry, I am pregnant" 





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