Not Going This Time

I had Darcy about 3 years ago. Harry doesn`t know, I`ve never told him about her. He`s off being famous. When One Direction comes in town Darcy really wants to see them! I do too I mean I`m 19! Yes I had my baby girl at 16 get over it. What will Harry do when he sees Kenzie and Darcy? Will he want to stay? What will Kenzie do? Will she want for him to stay or run away from Harry? To find out read! Please!


9. Malana`s Sorry

Harry`s POV

No no no! "Kenzie?" I shook her. The girl knocked her out. "Why do you want the trash?" the girl says, caressing my shoulder. "I love her! Just go!" I snap, not on purpose. I heard her scoff. "Fine, I`ll just love Liam now" I stood up to look at her. "All of us, meaning me and all the boys, have girlfriends that we all love very much!  So you can`t have us." I calmly say to her. "Oh, Sorry. Tell her I didn`t mean to. I mean I did, but tell her I`m sorry for that. I didn`t mean to go that far. " She says, "And tell her that I know her. She`s my best friend, or used to be. Just tell her that Malana is sorry. Please?" Tears were brimming in her eyes. I nodded and she ran off. I called Lily. "Hello?" She says. "Lily, get to the hospital ASAP!" I say then hang up. I picked up Kenzie and went to the hospital. I`m so scared. Kenzie is hurt. If she doesn`t remember me. I`m gonna break. 
----------------------------------------------------------------a few hours later at hospital-------------------------------------------------------------------

We`ve been here for hours. Just waiting. I need her. So far all I`ve done is cry and hug Darc. She doesn`t understand. "Daddy, why is mommy here?'she asks. "She got hurt at the mall, baby. She`s gonna be ok."I lie, she may or may not. We won`t know until they let us in. "Anyone here for MacKenzie Kalis?" the doctor says. The nine of us stand. I carry Darcy into the room. Kenzie is sitting there. When she sees me her eyes are full of worry. Her eyes flicker from me to Darcy. "H-Harry? Give me Darcy." Darcy reached for her too. I handed Kenzie Darcy. "What are you guys doing here anyways?" Kenzie asks. I break a little inside. "We stopped here for our tour. "Niall explains. "Kenz, Harry knows about her" Lily says. Kenzie tries to form words but can`t. "Why an I even here?" she asks. "Malana`s sorry" I say, a little loudly. Kenzie looks shocked. 

Kenzie`s POV

Malana. She`s sorry? For what? Being a bitch? For becoming popular and leaving me in high school? I`m confused! "W-what?" I stuttered. Harry sat next to me on the bed, he had obviously been crying, more tears were forming in his eyes. "Malana is sorry." he repeats. I couldn`t form words properly. "I. wh. No. wa, no!" was what I said. Harry kisses me, lightly. I couldn`t kiss him back, I was in shock. Malana put me in here? How? "No one answered me. Why am I here?" I ask louder, and irritated that no one would tell me. "I- I don`t know" The girls and all the guys but Harry said. I waited for him to tell me. Just as he was about to tell me, the nurse came in. " I`m sorry but you ten must go now. she says. I hugged Darcy. "I`ll be home soon baby. Harry will take care of you ok?" I say to her, does she know that her dad is Harry? She must. "Daddy!" she whines. Harry smiles and picks her up. He gave me a quick kiss and left. The nurse put me under. Complete black is my friend now. Yay.... Hospitals are shit. Malana`s sorry. That`s all I could think about. What was he talking about?

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