Not Going This Time

I had Darcy about 3 years ago. Harry doesn`t know, I`ve never told him about her. He`s off being famous. When One Direction comes in town Darcy really wants to see them! I do too I mean I`m 19! Yes I had my baby girl at 16 get over it. What will Harry do when he sees Kenzie and Darcy? Will he want to stay? What will Kenzie do? Will she want for him to stay or run away from Harry? To find out read! Please!


4. Lily

I called Lily. I love Lily! Her bright blue eyes. And her long straight brown hair. Just everything. She`s about 5'6 I think. Oh yeah and she and Liam are dating or they were just kidding they are! Ha ha! Well anyways she should be coming about now. 
"Hey girlies!"she comes through the door.  "LILY"Darcy screams yet again. She ran to Lily who picks her up. "Hows my little Darcy?"She asks and Darcy giggles. Her face was still a mess from spaghetti. Lily went to clean her up and we play with her a bit until she fell asleep in Lily`s lap. It was really cute actually. Lily`s phone went off and I put Darcy to bed. I came to see her on the phone. "Liam! Shhh! Darcy is sleeping"Lily spills. "Who`s Darcy?"I hear Harry ask. Lily looks at me guiltily. She`s dead if she tells him the truth. "Um, never mind!"She says changing the subject!  I go behind Lily to see her skyping with video. Harry sees me and his face has a smile on it. "Hello, love!" Liam says. "How are you?" Harry asks. "Hey! I`m fine."I say then go to get a snack. I grab a thing of oreos and feel a couple of arms around my leg. I look down and see Darcy, crying. Lily comes in and steps to Darcy who goes behind me. "I`m sorry Darcy. I didn`t mean to do that. But I was talking to One Direction members and Harry isn`t supposed to see you until our birthday. It`s gonna be fun ok?"Darcy goes up and hugs Lily. These girls I swear are the weirdest girls ever. I smile and go back to the living room to see the girls watching Tv! Woo! Lily puts Darcy in her lap and watches tv with her and the other girls. I sit down next to Lilly and Darcy and start to see why she looks so much not like me. She has Harry`s dimples and his hair and a lot more of everything Harry than me. 

20 minutes later I was out like a light. "MOMMY! MOMMY! WAKE UP"Darcy screamed in my ear. I wake up and see...

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