Not Going This Time

I had Darcy about 3 years ago. Harry doesn`t know, I`ve never told him about her. He`s off being famous. When One Direction comes in town Darcy really wants to see them! I do too I mean I`m 19! Yes I had my baby girl at 16 get over it. What will Harry do when he sees Kenzie and Darcy? Will he want to stay? What will Kenzie do? Will she want for him to stay or run away from Harry? To find out read! Please!


3. Eve

I text Eve. She`s beautiful. She`s 5'4. Her hair goes slightly below her shoulders with natural highlights. Her hair is brown and her highlights are the perfect mix of red and blonde. Usually you can hear her before you see her, just like Niall. Loves kids and food. She is also super energetic and bubblie. And she is dating Louis. 'Yeah! I`m on my way! See ya in a bit babe! xx - Eve' Her text read. The babe thing is just a joke between us. 

In about 15 minutes she comes bursting through the door. "EVE!" I hear Darcy shout. "DARCY!" Eve shouts back. I would like to be able to hear Harry at the concert! And the others but I miss Harry. "Darcy! It`s nap time. Since you didn`t get through the first one. I say to Darcy. "I`ll play with you late ok Darc?" Eve whispers but I can still hear her. I mean Darcy is in my arms right now. 

After I get Darcy asleep I go back to Alanah and Eve. " Hey! How is Harry gonna react to her?" Alanah asks. "Wait are we going their concert? Here in Cheshire? I get to see Louis!" Eve squeals. "I don`t know and yes Eve. Alanah Niall stopped by today. I have no idea why but Darcy flipped out."I say sitting down next to them. "What! Yay! She says then pulls out her phone and dialing Niall`s new number from my phone. I laugh at her. "ALANAH! Niall shouts. "Shhhhh Niall! Darcy is asleep!" I say. "Oh sorry Kenz. I missed you Alanah! Can`t wait to see you" I can hear a voice in the background. "What Harry? I`m on the phone!" "Sorry! Is Kenzie there? Who is it." Harry`s husky voice asks. "Um..." Niall trails off. "SHE IS! Put it on speaker!" Harry shouts. "Fine fine!  I hear a click telling me that Niall out it on speaker. " Kenzie? Baby you there?" Harry asks. "yeah Harry". I say. "YAY! I miss you! I need your number! See ya at the concert!" How did he know? "I gotta go Haz! I`m getting a phone call." I lie. "But..." Alanah starts but I cover her mouth. "EW! Did you just lick my hand?!" I hear Harry chuckle. "Ok Ni talk to your girlfriend. "Tell Louis I miss him for me Haz!" Eve quickly says, Harry chuckles again. They continue the phone call being crazy. I`m surprised that they didn`t wake up Darcy.

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