Not Going This Time

I had Darcy about 3 years ago. Harry doesn`t know, I`ve never told him about her. He`s off being famous. When One Direction comes in town Darcy really wants to see them! I do too I mean I`m 19! Yes I had my baby girl at 16 get over it. What will Harry do when he sees Kenzie and Darcy? Will he want to stay? What will Kenzie do? Will she want for him to stay or run away from Harry? To find out read! Please!


5. Amanda

I wake up to see Zayn`s girlfriend, Amanda. I scream as she is like 5 inches away from my face. This girl I swear will be the death of me from all the other girls! Like seriously. She scares me too much! Darcy bursts out laughing. "AMANDA!"I shout. "Yes?"She says laughing. "I swear I will get  you back for that!"I glare at her. "Never mind that! Lily! Get out here you lazy person!"She knows not to cuss in front of my daughter. My phone goes off. Facetime from Niall. I answer and show the screen shows Harry. "Hey! How`s my girl doing?"He asks before Niall snatches the phone back. "Sorry! Harry Styles you are so dead!"Niall says then turns back to me. "Where`s little Darcy?"He asks then Harry comes behind him. "How is Darcy?" Harry asks. "Niall I swear to God if you tell him you will die! No matter what Alanah says."I half shout at the boys who are laughing. "I won`t promise! Harry go! Louis wants you!"Sure enough Louis comes and takes Harry. I point the back camera to Darcy and switch it to that. "She is so cute! Ok gotta go, bye! Tell Alanah I love her" "I love you too babe!"Alanah yells from the kitchen. I giggle and hang up. "Where`s Darcy?"I ask. Alanah points to the bathroom. I walk over and lean on the door pane. I watch as Amanda and Lily do Darcy`s hair like straighten it and do some make up. "Mommy mommy! Looky! I look pretty!"She smiles, I laugh a bit. "You look beautiful! Girls?"I ask them. They nod in agreement. Darcy blushes it shows through her blush that she has on too. 

We are so weird doing a twitcam. All my followers know about Darcy. I blocked Harry a while back.. Only so he can`t find out about his daughter. "That`s what makes you beautiful"Darcy and I finish off. I love playing my guitar and my followers know it. "Play another!"Amanda pleads. She doesn`t get to hear me play often. Must suck for her.

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