Not Going This Time

I had Darcy about 3 years ago. Harry doesn`t know, I`ve never told him about her. He`s off being famous. When One Direction comes in town Darcy really wants to see them! I do too I mean I`m 19! Yes I had my baby girl at 16 get over it. What will Harry do when he sees Kenzie and Darcy? Will he want to stay? What will Kenzie do? Will she want for him to stay or run away from Harry? To find out read! Please!


1. Can`t Say No

" Mommy Mommy!" My little Darcy yells. "Yes Darcy?" I move one of her brown locks out of her face. "Can we go see One Direction PWEASE!" She whines, again. I know she`s been wanting to see them and she does turn three on the night they are here in Cheshire. But I don`t know what Harry will say. Darcy is his. But I haven`t talked to him since we lost connection when I was pregnant with Darc. " Yes baby! I`ll make sure I get us backstage passes! Ok?" I ask, already knowing the answer to my question. "YAY!" She yells bursting my ear drums out again. I grab my laptop from my backpack that I use on the go for emergencies only. After about 15 minutes of searching I finally find tickets for front row and backstage passes. I buy six, some for friends of mine who adore Darcy. Now all I have to do is wait for the concert day! *Knock Knock* Who is that? I get up and answer the door and see bright blue eyes a little too close to my face. "Niall! Back up!" I say. "Sorry!" He says stepping in. "Why are you here? Be careful of Darcy, she`ll flip out of she sees you." I giggle. As if on que Darcy runs in. "Mommy wh- Niall!" She starts to fangirl. Niall chuckles. "I`ve gotta go! But we should catch up with Harry! He misses you!" I shoot him a look. "I can`t I`ll see you on Thursday at the concert." I say picking up Darcy. "Ok! See ya then. Harry will be happy to see you!" Niall says then leaves. "Mommy mommy! You know Niall!"Darcy says with the biggest smile ever. I cant say no. "Yes baby. You`ll see him on Thursday! Breakfast?" As if I don`t know the answer. She eats like Niall does and has the cuteness of Harry. She has something from each boy. Like she has the sillyness of Louis, the smile of Liam and the quietness of Zayn. Or most of the time she does. "YES!"She screams. I laugh and set her down. "Can I help?" Like I said I can`t say no to her! At least it`s almost her birthday! She`s gonna be so happy to met her dad. "Yes baby. come on!" We go and make breakfast. I get a text from an unknown number. 'It`s Harry! I found your number! AHHH! I miss you babe. Lol just kidding it`s Niall!' 'Niall! Hi! I`m eating! Leave me alone til I`m done.' I reply. I save his number and continue to eat. Ignoring all texts the rest of the day to play with Darcy! Maybe I`ll invite my best friends over tomorrow! For a sleep over then the next day is the concert. I will! - If you want to be one of my best friends then comment below! Thanks! Hope you liked! :) Will update ASAP when I get the first five comments! Thanks! :) -

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