Love hurts...

Candy and Cookie go to One Direction's concert will Cookie and Niall fall for each other and will Candy and Harry fall for each other or will Zayn and Louis come between the two couples? Read trust me it get way better


9. Tears from more than one?

I looked at Louis for perrmission and he nodded. I walked out and was greeted by a smiling Harry Sytles.


"What do you want?" I said coldly


"Well I came to say I am sooo sorry for over reacting and I just wanted to say I really like you and would you be my girlfriend?" He's smiled weakly.


"Harry I'm sorry but I go out with Louis now." I said tears falling down my fast crashing out to my shirt, dissolving. And with that I took off running, to where I don't know but I knew I had to get away from there.


*Harry's Pov*


I was enraged. How could Louis do this I thought we were friends. I tried to stay strong but ended up breaking down into tears in my dressing room. She could have been mine but I made the stupid mistake of letting her go. I locked the door so I could cry freely. Why does god hate me? What have I done?


*An hour later*


I woke up in my bed. I guess Paul carried me here. I sat up and groaned. I had the worst headache ever. I got out of bed and walked out only to bump into beautiful Candy. She had her hair down and some 1D pjs on. I chuckled and helped her up.


"Candy can I talk to you please?" I asked forgetting about my headache.





"Even though your Louis girl I'm going to challenge him to a battle to win your heart. And at the end of the tour you will pick one of us." I explained never taking my eyes off of her. Her head shot up and looked at me. "Only if its ok with Lou." She whispered before walking out the room. My eyes light up and I did a happy dance. Don't judge me, I mean if you true love just agreed to give you a second chance you would do the same. I skipped down the hall to find Liam, Zayn, Louis,and Candy with the ears pressed up against Niall's door. I decided to join. I pressed my ear against the door. I heard a moan...from a girl. "Looks like some one got some." I whispered. Everyone hushed me and listened. "Oh my god Cookie." I heard Niall moan. Wow... I hope he has found his 'princess'. I began to walk away when some one tapped me. I spun around to see a slightly agitated Louis.


"Hazz I hope you know I'm gonna win?" He smirked.


  "Let's just say she does pick me you have to promise not to hold it against me or her and you can't leave the band." I said grinning at the thought of her picking me.

"Sure Styles but that's never gonna happen though." He said trotting off. He walked over to Candy and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and they ran to Louis's room. Great now I have to work twice as hard.


❤❤❤❤❤❤Hey my little Cupcakes!! Sorry for the pg-13 part. I'm kinda winging it so it gonna be a little bumpy. BTW I just figured out how to make paragraphs on my phone so yeah. Also sorry for the short chapter. The next chapter is a little rated r so if you don't want to read skip it I will sum it up in the next chapter. ADIOS CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!~Candy❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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