Love hurts...

Candy and Cookie go to One Direction's concert will Cookie and Niall fall for each other and will Candy and Harry fall for each other or will Zayn and Louis come between the two couples? Read trust me it get way better


2. Meeting or Ending?

"Ugh mom your embarrassing me!" Cookie complained rubbing her cheek. Yup she just got a smooch from her mom. I thought it was funny and she should be thankful she still has parents. I bet you thinking what do you me 'has parents' well my mom died from cancer and my dad committed suicide. I live with my younger adopted sister who was at a friends house for a week or two. Anyways her mom hugged us both goodbye and set on her way. We sat down and waited for our flight. "Flight 30 boarding now." A lady said over the intercom. Of course with all the extra luggage we made I a nick of time. Since we were last the guy escorted us to our seats. There were 4 seats per row. Cookie sat one seat away so we had space if we needed. I closed my eyes and relax I wasn't the flying type. Soon a flight attended instructed us to buckle our seat belts. She was right in the middle of instruction when a group of dude burst in out of breath. I was still sitting there with my eyes closed when Cookie whispered my name. "What?" I said looking over. "Look." She nodded her head in a direction of five dudes. I glanced at them not really paying attention to their face. The all finally sat down. 3 of them sat in the row behind us. Then Cookie kicked my foot. "Oww!" My eyes shot open to glare at her but it wasn't her it was Harry Styles....

"You ok, Love" Harry said looking into my eyes. "Uh....uh....uh...yeah."I said getting lost in his eyes. He chuckled and leaned back. I did the same preparing for take. I clutched the seat and squeezed my eye shut as we began to rolling. "Not much of a flyer?" Harry asked. "No." I said shakily. "It's ok love." He said grabbing my hand giving it a little squeeze. After in the sky every one in my row was sleep. I felt some thing shift under me I sat up and looked at what I was laying on. Louis Tomlinsin. He was fast asleep I was going to apologize when he woke up so I laid back on his chest and fell asleep.
I woke up to the sound of people cheering. At first I didn't know what was going on so I panicked. Louis had just woken up along with Harry. It took me a while to realize people were cheering because our flight was almost over. I look over to tell Cookie we would be landing soon but she wasn't there. I bet she was in the bathroom. I heard giggling... Cookie giggling. I turned around to see her and Niall talking and laughing. Wow what did I miss?

*FlashBack* Cookie pov

I dozed off some point during take off. I looked at my best friend mood neck lace Candy and I got on her birthday and it said I was excited. I wonder why it said then the memeroies came flooding back me sitting on a plane next to the Harry Styles. I was scared to look over hoping it wasn't a dream. I turned my head slowly to see Candy with her head on his shoulder and his head resting on her head. Rage flooded my eyes and my necklace turned red indicating I was angry. I stomped of to the loo. I got in there and that's when the waterworks started I cried and cried for about 30 minuets then there was a knock on the door. "One second." I said through the sobs. I got up and looked in the mirror I looked horrible; my make up was smeared, my hair was pointing out in all different direction, my eyes were red, and my cheeks were wet and puffy. I put my head down and put my hood up hoping the person wouldn't notice. I tried to dash but the person grabbed my wrist. "Zayn did you-" a Irish accent said I looked up at him. "Sorry I thought you were someone else....are you ok?" The guy asked. I looked up to see who I was talking to and I saw Niall Horan. "Yeah why wouldn't I be?" I said sniffling. At that moment he pulled me into his signature 'Niall Horan hug'. I melted when he embraced me in his arms. I looked up him because he was taller than me. I stared into his blue eyes. "Well I vets be going back to my seat." I said breaking eye contact. "Wait do you wanna come back to my seat and you know get to know each other more?" He said slightly blushing. "Sure."


I was sitting there having the best day of my life with Niall Horan. We have asked every question there is. He was really sweet and funny and soooo adorable. "Cookie?" My thought were interrupted by Niall saying my name. "Yes." I said looking deep into his eyes. "I know we have only known each other for a couple hours but I feel like I have known you longer sooo will you be my girlfriend?" He said smiling. "Yes!" I said hugging him tight. I pulled back and looked deep into his eyes. He leaned forward slowly until our lips met it was magical. I pulled back and blushed. He chuckled to him self and faced forward. I laid my head on his shoulder.
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