Love hurts...

Candy and Cookie go to One Direction's concert will Cookie and Niall fall for each other and will Candy and Harry fall for each other or will Zayn and Louis come between the two couples? Read trust me it get way better


6. Louis?

Candy's pov

The concert started in two hours and the boys had one hour of rehearsal. Cookie just informed me that we were going to the concert with them. Great I have to spend time with Harry. I know I would usaully fan-girl so hard but since he hates me there is no point. I say on my bed and started sobbing until there was a knock on the door. I wiped my face of with a towel but my eyes were still puffy so I hope they don't notice. "Coming." Cookie screamed. I looked in the mirror and besides my red eyes and puffy cheek I looked good. I had on a shirt that said 'I love Britsh boys' in big bold letters and I had some shorts on withe the England flag on it. Cookie walked in were what I was wearing but Irish themed, and with four dudes behind her. I went to hug them. Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall but no Harry. I guess he didn't want to see me.
"You guys ready?" Niall said breaking the silence. "Yeah just let me get my camera." Cookie said as she ran to go get her Camera. I was left with four dudes that are........staring at me..creepy "Candy I don't wanna be in your personal life but were you crying." Liam said standing there awkwardly. "Uh um I was um was thinking about something." I said trying to fight back the tears. "Let's go!" Cookie said saving me from a whole lot of lieing. And with that we rushed out the door. As we were walking out screaming filled my ears. About 250 girls and some boys were out side screaming. Security lead us to the limo were Harry was. We all got in a started to drive away, a couple girls chased us but the limo was to fast. I was sitting on the right of Louis and Harry was sitting on his left. I glanced at him but he just wouldn't make eye contact with me. I silently cried. No one noticed but Louis...Great. "You ok love?" He asked rubbing circles on my back. "Yeah why wouldn't I be?" My voice barley above a whisper. "We'll you are crying so if you tell me I can make it better." He said making sure no one heard him. So I told him about Harry and Jessica so I pretty much spilled my heart to him. I could of sworn I heard him groan when I told him I liked Harry but I ignore it. "Ok I will talk to Harry but I can't make any promises." He said with an sigh. "Please don't tell I cried and stuff." I pleaded "Ok." I felt a lot better talking about but I was still a little upset. We arrived at the arena.

A/N: Sorry for the short chapters. I promise to make them longer oh and sorry for some spelling errors-Candy :)
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