Love hurts...

Candy and Cookie go to One Direction's concert will Cookie and Niall fall for each other and will Candy and Harry fall for each other or will Zayn and Louis come between the two couples? Read trust me it get way better


13. Liam is not 'Liam'

Cookie and I stopped mopping around and actually went down stairs to find the boys crying. I cleared my throat and all their heads shot up. "So do we have you guys back?" Niall said wiping away the tears. "Yeah!" I said smiling for the first time in ages. "Well have to go to an interview so you guys will be here alone by yourself..... If its ok with you?" Liam asked moving in for hug as well as everyone else. "Yeah we're big girls we can handle our selves." I said rolling my eyes. "Well ok." Liam said engulfing us in a hug which soon turned into a group hug.


"Um you guys are crushing us with you vampire strength." Cookie squeaked. We all separated. Cookie and I gasped for air dramatically.


"Oh hush we hugged plenty of times before you knew our secret and you didn't seem to mind last time I recalled." Louis sassed.


"Ok ok..jezz ain't no need to get snappy with me Mr.Sass Master Of Doncaster" I sassed right back. The boys 'ooooo' childishly and headed for the door.


"We'll be back in a hour or two. Try not to miss us to much." Harry called back. I rolled my eyes.


"I think we'll live." I retailed. I looked at Cookie she stood there tears streaming down her face crashing out to her soft 1D pajama fabric. I knew she was thinking about home. I went over and hugged her. We sobbed into each others shoulders. I mean being told you were never allowed to see you family again really gets to you. It just one of those thing you never get over.


*2 hours later*


Cookie and I stilled sobbed and every time we would kinda stop we would break down. Don't judge us we need some sympathy. I heard the boys running down the hall to our room. (We live in a huge hotel room) They all were laughing and giggling. They honestly seemed like NORMAL teenage boy band sensation. I wiped my tears away Cookie doing the same. We quickly found a place to hide. Cookie hid in a kitchen cabinet and I hid in a closet. Now to scare the hell out them.


Liam's Pov


The boys and I were just getting back from our inter view and they were all giggling at something. I didn't know what but I really didn't care so I shrugged it of. I got my room key and unlocked the door.

"Cookie and Candy we're home!" I shouted. No answer...weird. I walked up to there rooms. They weren't in there ether. 

"Boys! I think Candy and Cookie ran away!" I screamed running down stairs vampire speed. The boys were looking around franticly looking in all places. 

"Damn it. Zayn use your mind controlling power to make them come back." I said frustrated. His hazel eyes turned to dark share of purple and he began to concentrate. He mumbled something and open his eyes. Cookie and Candy walked out of their 'hiding places'. I guess they both cut themselves in the process because Cookie had blood trickling down her arm same for Candy. I looked at the boys and our eyes turned a bright red. The girls were still in Zayn trance and weren't able to move. Their eyes filled with tears and fear. Harry pinned Candy to the ground while Louis, Zayn, and I kissed her neck and arms. 

"Please stop. You guys are better than this." She squeaked. Then some one hit Harry on the head. We all shot up except Harry for obvious reasons and turned to her. She froze as we all began to laugh. Candy stood up shaking making us laugh even more. Then tears formed in their eyes and they stomped up stairs. I do admit it was cruel but it was pretty funny. 


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