Love hurts...

Candy and Cookie go to One Direction's concert will Cookie and Niall fall for each other and will Candy and Harry fall for each other or will Zayn and Louis come between the two couples? Read trust me it get way better


15. I'm back!

Sorry i have not updated my little cupcakes but I am back and have some awesomes ideas so

enjoy ;)

Candy's Pov

Me and Cookie stomped up stairs angrily and sadly. I expected Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn to pull something like that but never Liam. I went in to me and Harry's  room. Cookie in Niall's room proably crying. I screamed loudly not caring if any one heard. I heard Cookie's sobs. Ok you can mess with me but you can't mess with my choclate chip cookie.

I flug the door open angrily and stomped to the into the living room were the boys watching some tele like they didnt scare the living shit out of us. I cleared my throat making their heads snap my direction.

"OK GET THIS YOU GUY ARE TOTAL JACKSON ASSES AND I WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU ALONG WITH COOKIE AND-" I didn't get a chance to finish because they were crying. I instanly felt bad.

I walked over to Harry raised my hand he flinched expecting me to hit him but I gently laid my hand on his face. He looked at me his eyes red and puffy. I steeped back and opened my arms indicating for a group hug. They all got up and hugged me almost crushing me for the second time.


“Um…. You guys are crushing me…” I wheezed out. We all separated and Harry brushed me off. I gave Liam, Niall, Harry , and Zayn a kiss on the cheek. I gave Louis a big kiss on the lips making everyone fake gag. I giggled before going up stairs to get Cookie. When I got up there I knocked on the door for about two minuets and there was no response. I walked in and there was Cookie with a sharp blade in her hand about to cut herself.


“Cookie! NOOOOOO what are you doing?!??!?!?  I screamed.

 sorry for the short chapter im being rushed!!

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