Love hurts...

Candy and Cookie go to One Direction's concert will Cookie and Niall fall for each other and will Candy and Harry fall for each other or will Zayn and Louis come between the two couples? Read trust me it get way better


10. Day one

*Harry's Pov*


Candy and Louis were up there for three hour so I decided I would take the night shift. When they finally came down Candy and Louis were holding hands causing steam to rise. Louis went into the kitchen and Candy come and sat next to me. She kept a safe distant though. I slide closer to her. She stiffened as I pressed against her. "How about we catch a movie and spend the night in my flat?" I whispered in her ear. "Um sure but don't try anything." She said going to get some extra clothes even though if this night went as plans she wouldn't need them.


*40 minuets later. Candy's Pov*


I had just finish curling my hair as Harry walked in wear a black blazer, black jeans, and black vans.


"Your ready love?" He asked admiring me in my British flag themed uniform.


"Take a picture it will last longer and yeah." I sassed. I wasn't fully ready to forgive Harry but I was gonna try. The thought of Harry Styles hating me was unbearable. I grabbed my purse and we headed out. I looked around and his Range Rover was no were to be seen. "Um over here love." He said pulling me to a horse and carriage. I blushed as he pulled me in. He mumbled something to the driver and we began to move. He snuggled close to me causing me to tense. I don't know why because Louis called it off til' the end of the tour(when I decide). 'If I'm not with Louis I'm not cheating if I kiss Harry' I thought. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Harry moving his hand up my thigh. I relaxed and turned to face him. His eyes darkened with lust. I looked at him before crashing my lips onto his.



He pulled me on top of him so I was straddling him without breaking our kiss. He tugged at my shirt but stopped when we came to a halt. I got off of him and hopped out the carriage. He picked me up bridal-style and walked into the cinema. We earned a lot of weird looks but I didn't care. He put me down and whispered something to the employee, she nodded and told me to follow her. I did as told and followed her to a room. She handed me a much rather very unladylike dress but I put it on. I was escorted back to Harry who was gawking at me.


"Stop with the stare and let go watch a movie." I sassed. He smiled and pulled me to the exit. "Harry where are we going?" I asked struggling to walk on the heels I was given. I guess he was tired of pulling so he hoisted me up on to his shoulder. "Garry Edward Styles put me down my bum is showing!" I screamed.


"It's ok you can't see it." He said running.


" "Stop looking!" I whined. He put me down and my hair trailed all over my face. When I pushed it out of my face we were standing in front of a club. I smiled and Harry pulled me inside. As we waked in a group of dudes were gawking at me. I ignored and walked over to the bar. I was sitting there when Harry passed me a round of shots. I looked at him confused.


"Shot contest." He shouted over the music. I shrugged and count down from three. Then chugged down shots. I was soon soo tipsy I was dancing with complete strangers on the dancers. Then the realization hit me; I was dancing with some random guy like a slut. I tried to pull away but he pulled me closer.


"Get the fuck off of me!" I screamed


"No slut!" He growled. He pulled me away from the dance floor into a back room but before I lost vision I saw Harry dancing with a sluty whore. Great now I'm gonna die in the back of a club. (Sarcasm of course)


*Harry's Pov*


I was pretty drunk after Candy's and I little shot contest. Speaking of Candy where is she. I looked around till I saw her being pulled back into a room by a guy who looked about in his early 20's. I pulled off and stumbled over. I finally made it over to find Candy half naked. I walked over to him and threw him over. I quickly picked Candy up and ran to the bath room. She was sobbing. I handed her the dress and turned. After a couple minuets she said ok. So we ran out the club to catch a cab. She didn't even want to go to my flat anymore she wanted to go home and I could blame her. As soon as we got in the car she fell asleep sobbing. When we got home it was only 10 so I didn't expect anyone to be asleep. So I woke Candy and we got out. She started sobbing and I pulled her into hug before walking in. She walked in before me running for her room but was stopped by Louis. He glared at me and tried to comfort her. She sobbed into his chest every one crowding around her. Louis decided to go to bed early and carried her up stairs.


"Harry WHAT DID YOU DO!!!! YOU HEARTLESS SNOB!!" Cookie screamed and charged at me but Niall grabbed her. "Niall LET ME GO NOW!" She shouted. Everyone glared at me. I finally spoke up but something bad came out. "I was drunk and she was rapped." I said looking at my hands. "YOU RAPPED HER?!?! HARRY!!! WE'RE LEAVING TOMORROW MORNING!" Cookie screamed stoping up to Niall's room. Niall chased after her I just ran to my room.....crying.


Niall's Pov


I ran after Cookie. She was in my room calling to book a flight back to Michigan. I took the phone out her hand of her hands. She looked at me her eyes puffy and her face bright red. "Listen Cookie if you still want to leave tomorrow you can but you have to sleep on it." "But Niall-" She started but I cut her off by smashing my lips on to hers. She pulled me on top of her. Round two.


❤❤❤❤❤❤Hey my little Jolly Ranchers I'm Candy's twin sis so yeah I'm gonna be you at hour for a while so I promise to update and I'm a little dirty so yeah~Cassandra 😋
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