The Life of Jordan Martinez (boyxboy)

Jordan is the most popular kid in school...not because he's mean or rude, but because he's sweet and he's never mean to anyone. He has one secret. That secret being he's gay. His brother Matt is on the football team and is the only one who knows. He and his brother's 2 best friends are Liam and Niall. They live the perfect high school lives. But now it's now the first day of their junior year. What happens when you add 2 trouble makers, Harry and Louis, into the mix. I mean, add a bad ass, sort of, named Zayn, and you get a whole bunch of drama!


42. Update 3.0valida

I have come to the final decision that this book has been finished for a while. I never in a million years would have thought that this would have been read more than 11.5 thousand times. That is absolutely insane to me and it makes my work feel very validated. I started this book right before high school and I am about to graduate tomorrow (6/2/17). I just want to thank everyone who had enjoyed this book. Also, i have to plug my other books in this update aha, so please go check out 1000 days and reasons to live. I have officially postponed 4 worlds collide. I just want to thank everyone who has read any of this book! I will be posting updates on this book randomly, so please stay tuned!

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