The Life of Jordan Martinez (boyxboy)

Jordan is the most popular kid in school...not because he's mean or rude, but because he's sweet and he's never mean to anyone. He has one secret. That secret being he's gay. His brother Matt is on the football team and is the only one who knows. He and his brother's 2 best friends are Liam and Niall. They live the perfect high school lives. But now it's now the first day of their junior year. What happens when you add 2 trouble makers, Harry and Louis, into the mix. I mean, add a bad ass, sort of, named Zayn, and you get a whole bunch of drama!


19. the argument

Jordan's POV

the car ride to the hospital was really quiet, except for the crying every once in a while. we finally made it to the hospital and i asked which room she was in and the lady told me. she then told us that only blood relatives are allowed. i followed the lady to Matt's room and saw him with his eyes open looking st the TV. he saw me and started smiling.

"Hey!... are you okay?" he says worried.

"yeah i'm ok, you just scared the shit out of me!" i say smiling.

"come here." he says. i walk over to him and sat on the bed.

"is everyone okay?" he asks.

"yeah, Niall took it hard, especially because he doesn't know you're awake, i don't even think anyone else knows, and i'm positive mom and dad don't know." i say half smiling, "you know i love you right?" 

"yeah, i know, i love you too!"

"so are you okay? and what were you and Niall arguing about?"

"yeah, i'm feeling a lot better. and i saw him making out with someone else and i gave him one more chance."

"just saying, when you get out of the hospital he is gunna get hit in the face by me."

"please don't Jay, i mean i forgave him!"

"just because you forgave him doesn't mean i did!" right after the last words left my mouth, the doctor came in and explained to me what happened.

"he should be able to leave here in a couple of hours. it doesn't look like he has any major mental or physical damage done on his body. surprisingly, he has no damage that we can see." the doctor says.

"thank you" i say.


Matt just left the hospital and we all pulled into the driveway and went inside. Zayn, Matt, and Niall sat down on the couch. i went up and slapped Niall straight across the face.

"what was that for!?" he yells at me.

"For making my brother cry, you dick!"i yell back

"Wait what did he do?" Zayn asks.

"he made out with someone when he knew Matt had feelings for him and they are always so lovey dovey and then he made out with someone else!" i say.

"we already made up though, and Matt forgave me!" Niall says getting madder.

"yea but just because Matt forgave you, doesn't mean i am!" i say.

"why don't you stay in your relationship." he yells at me.

"That is MY twin so you can go fuck yourself!" i scream at him.

Zayn POV

the argument between Niall and Jordan was getting intense and i was about to say something, when Matt texted me.


Z- why??

M- i have known them long enough to realize if you get involed you'll end up getting punched in the face lol.

Z-okay but what if they fight?

M- just let them fight it'll die down eventually.

Jordan told Niall to go fuck himself and then went upstairs and i followed.

"hey, are you okay??" i ask

"yeah it's just Niall is pissing me off." Jordan says.

"it's gunna be really awkward at school tomorrow." i say

"yeah, you're telling me." he says. "can we just go to bed?" he asks then leans over and kisses me. god i love his kisses. he is just so adorable! we laid down on his bed and fell asleep.

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