The Life of Jordan Martinez (boyxboy)

Jordan is the most popular kid in school...not because he's mean or rude, but because he's sweet and he's never mean to anyone. He has one secret. That secret being he's gay. His brother Matt is on the football team and is the only one who knows. He and his brother's 2 best friends are Liam and Niall. They live the perfect high school lives. But now it's now the first day of their junior year. What happens when you add 2 trouble makers, Harry and Louis, into the mix. I mean, add a bad ass, sort of, named Zayn, and you get a whole bunch of drama!


13. #awkward

Jordan's POV

we are finally at Zayn's house. it's bigger than i thought it was going to be.

"holy crap!" i say loudly.

"What?! is there something on me?!" Zayn asks flipping out. haha he's cute when he freaks out.

"no it's just your house it's so big!" i say he giggles and walks up to the door. "wait!" i say nervously, "are your parents home because i don't wanna intrude or anything."

"don't worry babe! it'll be fine!" he says as he walks inside. "are you coming or what?" he asks as i start to walk inside.

"Mom?!" Zayn yells from the hallway.

"I'm in here hun!"she yells back.

"I wanna show you someone." Zayn says. we walk into the kitchen where Zayn's mom is getting ready for dinner. "mom, this is Jordan, my boyfriend." Zayn says.

"so this is the guy Zayn keeps talking about. all he kept saying was he ran into a really cute guy and he got invited to his birthday party!" Zayn's mom says. i can see Zayn starts to blush. Awe, he's blushing!

"okay mom we are gunna go upstairs." Zayn says. okay now i know for sure he's blushing!

"okay but be safe!" Zayn's mom says with a wink.

"mom we're only going upstairs, it's not like-, oh! okay, and that isn't any of your business. but we will!." Zayn says while i giggle at how much of a blond he is. so, we get up to his room and i sit on his bed.

"so i take it this is where you sleep?" i ask. god can i be anymore boring!?

"um, yea. um, what do you want to do?" he asks, "and be honest!"

"uh, i'm not sure, watch a movie?" i ask.

"sure! which movie?" he asks. gosh just his voice turns me on. okay stay calm. pick a sad movie so you can cuddle with him.

"um, do you have cyber-bully?" i ask.

"Yeah. let me go get it." he says.

~about halfway through the movie~

so i'm in Zayn's arms and we are at the part where she almost commits suicide and i am just a mess and in tears.

"you okay babe?" Zayn asks in tears as well.

"yea *sniffle* it's just really sad" i say looking up at him. then out of no where he kisses me. i turn around so now we are facing each other. he moves me so he's on top of me. his lips are just so soft and he knows just how to use them! he slips his tongue in my mouth, now french kissing me.

Zayn mom walks in "Hey Zayn just checking in on WOAH!"

A/N hey guys! if you haven't seen cyber-bully i would really suggest watching it! it's so sad but soooooooooo good!! it's like my favorite movie ever!!!

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