The Life of Jordan Martinez (boyxboy)

Jordan is the most popular kid in school...not because he's mean or rude, but because he's sweet and he's never mean to anyone. He has one secret. That secret being he's gay. His brother Matt is on the football team and is the only one who knows. He and his brother's 2 best friends are Liam and Niall. They live the perfect high school lives. But now it's now the first day of their junior year. What happens when you add 2 trouble makers, Harry and Louis, into the mix. I mean, add a bad ass, sort of, named Zayn, and you get a whole bunch of drama!


39. Are you serious?!

(Hey everyone! After about a year of not writing, i finally have my own computer, allowing me to update when i say i will! Anyways love you!!)

Recap: " Jordan Maxwell Martinez, Will you marry me?"

"Yes, Harry Edward Styles, Yes I will!" I yell to the world........

"Many people spend their lives searching for their soul mate, their one true love. Some people are lucky to find the person they can truly call the better half of themselves, while others spend the rest of their lives searching and never finding. I am happy to count myself among the lucky ones because I found you. I love you Jordan, I know you are the one for me, my one true love. I am happy and I am grateful that you came into my life, that where others have spent their entire lives looking for the other one, I have found you. And now that I have found you, I shall never let you go. I promise you Jordan, that I shall hold you and cherish you, and give you my heart, that I shall support you and care for you." Harry said smiling.

I was smiling wider than anything in the entire world.

After he finished, I started. "I can't believe this day is finally here! Thank you for being the man that you are, and for loving me the way you do. I promise to make you happy, to always be there when you need me, and to support you no matter what you do. I am so excited to see what the future hold for us, and promise that no matter what it brings....we'll always be together. This is my vow to you." I say, then smile.

"If anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace." The priest says, we waited about to seconds and then the priest continued, "Okay, so-"

"I object!"



~Present Time~

Everyone, including Harry and myself, turned to see a boy standing in the middle of the isle. Louis. I looked at him, angry as hell, waiting for him to explain the objection.

"Harry, I can't let you marry Jordan," Louis says, hold up, oh hell no, he did not just say that!, "because I-I think I'm in love with you." Harry looked at me then at Louis, then that was it. He left me, at the alter, in my suit and everything. He just ran down the isle and took Louis hand and left. That brings me to what I'm doing now, crying in my dressing room type thingy. I can't believe he just up and left. After everything I went through choosing him, breaking Zayn's heart, for god sakes breaking my best friend's heart, just for that ass!

"Jordan, are you okay?" Zayn asks, coming into the room.

"Do I look okay Zayn? I just got left at the alter!" I say kind of harshly, "Sorry, I'm just really upset." Jordan says looking down.

"It's fine, I'm really sorry Jordan, I couldn't even imagine how upset you are right now." Zayn says looking down.

There was a knock on the door and then it opened, showing Liam's face, "Can i have a minute with Jordan?" He asked

"Of course!" Zayn says, then leaves the room.

Liam runs to where i am hugging me, "Are you okay? I'm so sorry this happened! God I'm going to kill that boy! Both of them!!" Liam says angrily.

"Liam, calm down, it's fine" I say.

"No, it's not Jordan! I love you and you're too perfect to be sitting here, left at the alter!" Liam yells.

"Well I am sitting here, left at the alter! And i don't see that changing anytime soon!" I yell back!

"Marry Me" Liam says

"W-what?" I ask.

"Marry me, I've always loved you and no one will ever change that, and i know you love me, so marry me" Liam says smiling

"Uh, um okay, I'll marry you"

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