Life as Usual

Alexis is bullied at school by Louis Tomlinson. She and him used to be friends, but that changed when he got together with the "cool" kids. Now, he bullies Alexis to protect his reputation. What will happen? Find out in Life as Usual.


3. Where am I?

I woke up in what looked to be a boys room. I looked around. I saw a desk littered with homework and dirty clothes everywhere. I saw a picture frame on the bedside table. I sat up to look at it. I saw a girl about thirteen and a boy that looked about the same age. It was taken at the park where I blacked out. Speaking of which, I looked at my arms. They were both wrapped in bandages. I didn't have time to think about who did them because all of a sudden the door opened slowly and in walked.........Louis?

" oh hey you're awake" he said surprised.

I looked down to avoid his gaze.

"It's 6:00 are you hungry?" He asked.

I shook my head no.

"C'mon I know you skipped lunch." He said.

I refused again. " Louis I'm fine I want to go home."

" you lost too much blood Alexis I'm taking you to the doctor."

" no!" I screamed.

Louis took a step back. I sighed and apologized. He looked so confused. I knew he could never know why I didn't go to the doctors anymore. If they found out I harm myself and I'm anorexic, well lets just say it can't come to that.
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