Life as Usual

Alexis is bullied at school by Louis Tomlinson. She and him used to be friends, but that changed when he got together with the "cool" kids. Now, he bullies Alexis to protect his reputation. What will happen? Find out in Life as Usual.


2. The park and memories

I ran. Ran until I couldn't run anymore. I had lost plenty of blood. I really cut deep. I saw the world around me spin. I sat down on a swing in the park. Hey, I remember this place. I used to come here as a child whenever I was sad. It's where I also met Louis.


" Louis higher! " I screamed as he pushed me on the swing.

" I'm pushing as hard as I can!" He argued.

I threw back my head and leaned back. I leaned too far and flipped off the swing and landed hard on my back. I started crying really hard. Louis rushed to my side immediately.

" are you ok?" He asked.

I shook my head no. He picked me up bridal style and carried me to his house. My parents didn't care they knew if I wasn't home I was at Louis's. he set me on the couch and went upstairs to get his mom.

" alright Alexis what happened ?"

" I fell off the swing." I sobbed.

She patched up the small cut on my arm and drove me home.

*End of Flashback

I wiped my tears away at the memory. I got up from the swing and immediately my legs buckled and I fell to my knees. I saw it was late. That's all I remember before I blacked out.
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