Life as Usual

Alexis is bullied at school by Louis Tomlinson. She and him used to be friends, but that changed when he got together with the "cool" kids. Now, he bullies Alexis to protect his reputation. What will happen? Find out in Life as Usual.


5. the docters office

Alexis POV


OK, well, now I'm in louis's car and we're heading to the doctor's office. I don't even know how he got me in here! one minute I'm sitting in his room about to escape, when BOOM!!!!!! I'm in his car. (sighs) Wow, I need to take self defense lessons.


"OK we're here." Louis said unbuckling his seatbelt.


" Louis, I want to go home." i said.


"Look, I know somethings wrong with you, and you wont tell me so i brought you to the doctors." he explained


" i know that already! Just, why are you even helping me? all you've ever done is bully me since we started high school? we used to be friends Louis! We we're inseperable!!! Then, you treat me like trash! Why?! Louis,why?!" I choke out sobbing.


I look at him and he looks hurt and  taken back by what i said.


"Look, there's something i've always wanted to tell you something."


Authors note


 i know its short sorry about that but i just want to tell my readers to read my cousins book Youree Nobody Get Used To It, and Im new to movellas so if you could please leave suggestions in the comments below it would mean a lot. thanks so much for reading! and if you havent reaad the Please read chapter i suggest you do. thank you!!!



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