Life as Usual

Alexis is bullied at school by Louis Tomlinson. She and him used to be friends, but that changed when he got together with the "cool" kids. Now, he bullies Alexis to protect his reputation. What will happen? Find out in Life as Usual.


6. im supposed to be dead

Alexis pov


All i remember was louis saying, " I have to tell you something," before the big rig rammed into the side of thecar. I remember the pieces of of the car flying, and hearing the abulence sirens. the last thing Isaw Louis lying on the ground uncious, flames erupting around him and me before I blacked out...


I woke up, surronded by wires and machienes. Strangly, i was not hooked up to them. I saw my arm, leg, As I took in my surrondings, i realized I was in a hospital room. Panic overwhelmed me. What if they lock me up for cutting myself?! Then a man in a white coat walked in.


"Youre awake!" he exclaimed surprized.


"I was confused," Whyis it such a surprize?" I asked.


"We took you off life support an hour ago."

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