Life as Usual

Alexis is bullied at school by Louis Tomlinson. She and him used to be friends, but that changed when he got together with the "cool" kids. Now, he bullies Alexis to protect his reputation. What will happen? Find out in Life as Usual.


7. details

I was shocked.


"We pronounced you dead an hour ago too. You had no pulse,yoou werent breathing. Its a miracle that youre alive."

I was finally registering what he said when I realized something, Louis.


"Wait! The guy in the car with me, what happened to him?"


"He was lucky." the doctor said.


I breathed a sigh of relief. as much as I hated LOuis, I didnt want him to die!


"What happened?" I asked.


"He suffers head trauma, but he is in stable condidtion. he is going to be released in a week or so."


"What about me?" I asked.


"well, you seem alright. If I can give you a quick check-up, then you can go home as soon as tommorrow."


"C-can I see him?"


He pondered it for a while then agreed. He helped me into a wheelchair and we went to Louis's room

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