(not a true story)
This story is about a normal girl living her life and then suddenly it changed.
When she gets stolen from a stranger. read this to see the in side snoop of a scared little girl, frightened from this "stranger"


3. Day 3 (the night)

All night I couldn't figure out what the package meant. It was weird, and in a way it freaked me out.

   The next day when i say Sammy, he asked "how was your night." i shrugged. He new i had a rough night. He put his arm around my shoulder, and we continued to walk to work. I sighed, He groaned. When we went inside there was a box wrapped with purple and black polka-dots, and a ribbon tied as a bow with a not on it. It was in front of my Locker witch i put my things into before going to work. I eyed it. When Sammy saw it, of course he picked up and, was about to open it, but i slapped his hands away. He put his hands to his side and started taping his foot patiently. I grinned and slowly undid the ribbon. He glared at me. then i hurried up and pulled the ribbon, and set the box down. it wasn't really heavy. i picked up the note and read it, it read: i hope you like it. you'll see me today, but you won't know me.just remember  i know you.

                 I threw the card down and let out a frustrated sigh. Sammy picked the note up. He threw it down and stomped his foot like a baby. I smiled. I picked up the box and opened it up. it was in an envelope. I opened the envelope. when i saw what it was i dropped it. my mouth was to the ground. " What is it." Sammy asked while picking it up. They where pictures of me. He threw them to the ground. "That's it?" he asked. " he's a freak." He said. i nodded my head with my mouth still open. I looked at Sammy. He looked at the time. " don't worry. its probably a prank."  He smiled. "No, those pictures are pictures from when i was 3 i wasn't even in this state." i answered. He waved me off. Then walked out to the counters. He started working. I joined him after a minute of me still having my mouth hanging open.

             " I need to leave early. My mom has to go to the Doctors, and i have to watch my sister." Sammy told me. He hugged, then left. After my shift was over i called my mom to tell her i was on my way home. When i got all my things i threw the box away and kept the pictures of me. i clocked out then left.

           It was chilly the air was foggy, and i had a 3 mile walk in the dark by my self. i thought i should call my mom to get a ride home, but why bother.  so i started walking. a couple seconds after i heard something from behind me. i turned my head, there was nothing. i shook my head. A couple seconds later the noise started again. I turned around, it was a car. I looked ahead.'now i am loosing my brain' i thought to myself, but then i heard the noise again, i didn't bother to look back. Then a car door opened. I got grabbed I screamed and then a cloth was shoved in my face. i wiggled around. Then it went black.

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