(not a true story)
This story is about a normal girl living her life and then suddenly it changed.
When she gets stolen from a stranger. read this to see the in side snoop of a scared little girl, frightened from this "stranger"


2. Day 2 (the package)

When i opened the package, i was so curios, but i guess who ever taped it really like tape. Sammy was all over it. Witch didn't surprise me. Sammy always was the really curios one. He was breathing on my shoulder waiting. " OK dude can you chill." i told him. He knew the breathing on my neck was bugging me. When all i had to do is lift the lid Sammy grabbed the lid and swung it open.

                All it was, was a letter. Sammy groaned, "that sucks i was looking for something exited." he complained. i gave him "my look" witch was just me saying in my head really with a look on my face. Then the bell from the front desk rang. Sammy walked out to go take care of a customer. I pulled the letter out and was going to read it until my boss walked in. he shook his head and walked to his office. He always did that when we did something wrong. I didn't care. I read the letter. It read:

                                     Hello Ally, you may not know me but i really know you. It's just i don't know you enough like i want to. I want to get to know you so lets get together sometime and you know get together and talk like friends. that would be great if we can be friends.

Until then.

"what does he mean until then?" Sammy asked, after i showed him the letter. Sammy was always protective of me he never liked jocks taking to me when we where in middle school. "i don't know, i am more worried of, "us being friends" for gods sake i don't even know him." i told Sammy. He nodded in agreement.After work we said are good-byes and i headed home.


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