(not a true story)
This story is about a normal girl living her life and then suddenly it changed.
When she gets stolen from a stranger. read this to see the in side snoop of a scared little girl, frightened from this "stranger"


1. Day 1 (life)

I nudged my friend Sammy for being a Moron. Well being Sammy. Sammy is my best friend i have non him sense grade school. We used to steal things from are teachers classroom, and blame other kids. But we didn't really care if we got in trouble. We thought it was okay and funny, watching our teacher yell at another kid for " stealing stuff" Sammy had brown hair, green eyes, taller than me, a little whimp, but most of all he hated oh he hated getting called Sam. every once in a while i would throw out a hi Sam or ask Sam it was funny watching him pout. he was just like a little 4 year old.

             " Tomorrow i am getting my lip ring. i can't wait. I will finally look cool." Sammy bragged.I'm not saying i want a lip ring. I just call it bragging cause he wont shut-up about it. I smirked.  " your right you would look much more emo life." i pointed out. He glared at me. I laughed. "Well what do you expect?" i asked not really wanting to know what he was going to say. "well i really want Stacy going ou-out with me." He stuttered. He stopped walking and was staring at something. I met his gaze at Stacy (AKA demand). I nudged him. He shook his head and started waling again. i really didn't want to start working again. the summer was so much fun and well fun.

      When we got to subway i moaned. He coked an eye brow at me and said "look at your self, you are already moaning, and we didn't even walk in." he grabbed my shoulder. We started walking to the entry way for employes.

       Then well we got to work doing are normal getting told what to do by complete strangers. " Hello Mam are you Ally?" A post man said. i nodded. Sammy was staring at me and the guy. Then the guy handed me a clip bored to sign it. I put my name down and grabbed a package he handed  for me.

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